ladies...what are your tricks for reducing wrinkles/lines under the eyes?

im in my mid twenties and already noticing lines under my eyes already and i have no idea why. other than i have trouble sleepign a lot.....and i dont get a good nights rest sometimes. but what can i do for this??? thanks.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Too much makeup, from removing & applying makeup, causes the skin to get wrinkles. So less is more.

    The sun and too much soaking in the tub or pool, are skin's worst enemies. Smiling, another reason why Victoria Beckham hardly shows that when being photographed not only because she hates her smile, but she said causes wrinkles.

    Servings of 3-5 fresh fruits & vegetables daily. Google: FIVE FOODS TO EAT FOR BEAUTIFUL SKIN

    All the vitamins & minerals you need for good skin care comes from all the healthy foods you eat from Mother Nature, not made by man, those can do more harm than good.

    The answer? No beauty products can do that. If you have concealer on, and you look sideways, you can still see those dark bags under the eyes or some calls it dark circles. Only in magazines they're airbrushed & TV, they look like they're NOT THERE.

    Without wearing tons of make up, they can't just go away. Don't believe me? Google them and see their latest photos. Christina Applegate has the worst one~

    Jane Fonda had surgery done, admitted she hated surgeries, but that's ONE she actually had done.

    You CAN try to sleep the same amount of hours everyday, and eat all the healthy foods from Mother Nature.

    It's possible changing your sleep & diet can do miracles.

    Sleep deprivation, chronic allergies and vitamin deficiency can cause undereye circles - so eat greens and be sure to get plenty of sleep!" Dr. Wendy Roberts, M.D., past president of Women's Dermatologic Society. Vera Wang is a billionaire, designing the best wedding gowns around in this part of town, Kim Kardashian's 3 wedding gowns are from Vera. Take a look @ her eyes, she's got one of the worst bags around, and with all that money and best beauty advisers, she can't get rid of her dark circles.

    Even Julianne Hough (Rock of Ages - Dancing with the Stars) she's 23 btw, Oprah & Hilary Clinton who buys the best concealers money can buy can't cover theirs. Elizabeth Hendrickson as Chloe Mitchell Fisher on the Young & the Restless HAS them, too! No makeup can conceal hers.

    Someone on YA! asked 'why does concealer/foundation never cover spots?

    for me it always rubs off within an hour, any tips?'

    My answer was: 'It's a billion dollar business. I was watching @ the mall yesterday a LIFE-SIZE video poster advertisement for a teen cover magazine called LUCKY, while waiting in line for H&M for 30 mins. This model was wearing makeup, but once she looked up, you could see 'bags under her eyes!' That's right, and I've posted many times here since 2009, NOTHING CAN COVER BAGS UNDER EYES (see above for my reply).'

    You can get undereye filler: They cost an average of $600 - $1,000 every four to six months. If injections are too shallow, you can get bumps as well as a blue tint. The dermatologist will have to dissolve the filler with a second injection of hyaluronidase and start again.

    Source(s): I've used a wide brim hat or umbrella most of the time I'm outdoors and take quick showers. 5 decades of great skin care savvy.
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    3 years ago

    Ignore Chuck, it's going to make things loads worse... (why would any individual recommend an OIL for puffy eyes?) Do you wear make up? And do you employ an oil for disposing of it at night? Considering the fact that with the intention to purpose puffiness tomorrow, so be certain you do not go away any on overnight. You could try using some cotton pads with iced water on, or witch hazel.. Lie with them on your closed eyes for 10 minutes or so.

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