Essay Question? Comparison of King Arthur and Casablanca?

I have an essay due next week. The Topic is to compare the characters from The King Arthur movie and the movie Casablanca. I have to compare how..

Ilsa is like Guinivere

Rick is like Arthur

and how Victor is like Lancelot.

I need some help knowing how to get this essay started. I was gone for half of the Casablanca movie, so I'm not real sure how to compare them! Thanks for any help you might have!

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    8 years ago
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    What an interesting idea!

    Rick is much more like Rhett Butler of "Gone With the Wind". Both of them tell anyone who will

    listen that thy're no good at being noble when, in fact, that is their greatest asset.

    Arthur is a king--he's noble by definition.

    Like Arthur, however, Rick is in awe of the other man in his lover's life. Victor, like Lancelot,

    is a hero by any definition. Because of his position and his era, Arthur can't possibly

    let Guinivere go off with Lancelot, no matter how much he loves both of them.

    Because of his era, and his own moral compass, Rick must let Ilsa return to Victor.

    Ilsa is like Guinevere only in the sense that she loves two different men at once.

    Guinivere is completely aware that she is married (and to a king!) when she

    begins her affair with Lancelot. Ilsa, meanwhile, has been informed by the most

    reliable sources available to her that her husband is dead. She believes that she

    is a widow when she takes up with Rick, and is so conflicted when she finds out

    that Victor is alive that she cannot face Rick.

    Victor is every bit as noble as Rick (or Rhett, or Arthur), and completely understands

    Ilsa's behavior and her attraction to Rick. Those "three little people' have a lot of

    mutual admiration going on.

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