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Quantum theory: if we are one and illusions then what happens after death?

In quantum theory there is a belief that some how we are all connected with one, all are ILLUSIONS, all of time exists silmutaneously, and that when we die the quantum information goes back to the universe. I'm confused can someone explain

1. If we are all connected to one experiencing ourselves personally and it's all illusions, then wouldn't that make us "never alive"? And if we aren't alive then

2 why do we have death? What the hell would happen after the information goes back in the universe?

just confused how death would make sense if we are just merely thoughts.

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  • Dirac
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    If you genuinely want to learn about quantum theory, read some books by real scientists instead of woo-merchants.

  • 7 years ago

    Bull, there is no such belief in quantum theory. Quantum physics/mechanics is all about the laws of nature at the quantum level...the very very tiny. It deals with the behavior and properties of all those sub atomic particles listed in the Classic Sub Atomic Particles Table.

    There is no quantum hypothesis saying we are all connected. If you think there is, then find it and please cite it here so we can all be enlightened.

    As to your illusions, that's the holographic model that speculates you, me, and my dog Boots are but holographic projections of our true selves which lie on the event horizon of the really big black hole we call our local universe. That's not quantum theory. In fact that's about as big a scale as one can get; certainly not sub atomic. And frankly, this is yet another example of where just because the math says it's possible that doesn't make the physics so.

    And time does not exist concurrently. In fact, a gent by the name of Einstein is credited as saying something like "Time is nature's way of ensuring that all events don't happen at once." I think you'll agree this guy knew something about time when he published both the special and general theories of relativity.

    Finally, even if all that misinformation you list were true, where do they lead to your assertion that we were "never alive"? Where do you find that our true selves on the event horizon are never alive? Why do you think those true selves are not truly living out all those events you sense as the projection? My point is this...you jumped to a conclusion that does not follow from your assumptions.

  • Mehedi
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    7 years ago

    If you think too much about death it will lead you to inappropiate mental condition either its great pleasure to think about that.

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