What does "Jama shinaide " mean in japanese an can you break it down aswell?

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  • 8 years ago
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    邪魔 jama = disturbance, interference, meddling, butting in

    しない shinai= negative of to do

    しないでください shinaide kudasai = polite form of saying: don't

    しないで shinaide = shortened, colloquial version of the above

    That is what one says to someone who tries to meddle, interfere, disturb, be a general nuisance.

    In English, we'd tell someone like that off in ways like:

    Get off my back!

    That's none of your business!

    Leave us/me/him/her/them alone!

    (you get the drift)

  • 8 years ago

    It basically means "don't bother me!" or "don't be an interference!

    Shinaide is the casual way of saying do not (blank).

    Suupu wo ryou shinaide kudasai=Don't cook soup please.

    Source(s): Been studying Japanese for 8 months
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