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Will Lee Michelle (Michelle Lee) of SuPearls ever get a music career in South Korea?

If so, what record label/music agency should she join? Fans are worried because it is already difficult for biracial (especially those with Black or Hispanic background) citizens to join the entertainment business. For example, look at the stories about Insooni, Yoon Mi Rae and Lee Yoojin.

Even as I listen to Dok2 more often, I don't see him in many (a few) shows and programs.

Please be honest and respectful when giving your answer. Thank you very much.

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    Probably. SuPearls' disbandment was apparently a personal issue, so it's not like YG had anything against her, from the information we know. She will probably be re-signed with YG because I feel like that is the only company she can fit in to. It seemed to me like YG saw something in her that he was willing to leave the realm of "racial discrimination" aside (not saying South Korea is racist).

    I'm not sure about the other artist, but I do know a little more about Dok2. Dok2 wasn't ever looking to go mainstream and he always remained underground. It's not because it was race, because you can see he made it in with a huge artists like Jay Park, Epik High, Dynamic Duo, even GD and SNSD's Jessica? He stayed underground in the music industry and proved you don't need a huge company to live your dream.

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    Lee Michelle has a lovely voice but it's more in the low registers, so I'd like to see her work with that, and not against it.

    I've enjoyed seeing the SuPearls rehearsal/practice vids where Michelle looks like she's happy doing the music and singing with the others. Also I notice that even though she's relaxed, she projects a very powerful stage presence in even the tiniest movements, while singing with all her might, which puts me in mind of Kim Junsu (JYJ). She has a grace combined with both determination and joy, that I'd hate to see an agency force her to play down. Her obvious delight in physically moving around on stage also puts me in mind of BB's Taeyang. And finally, she's very pretty and will surely become beautiful!

    It would be shameful if an agency made her conform to the ways other female singers present themselves -- If she could just be allowed to be "different" and yet still have an agency willing to dedicate themselves to her success (but not at the expense of her individuality), I would cheer her on, the whole way!!

    Honestly I'd love to see her join CJeS (JYJ's agency.) I'd like to see Kim Junsu mentoring some singers who have the raw talent and a need to succeed, but won't ever get the chance they deserve unless someone who has a great deal of "power" and "pull" taking them on and giving them a big boost. (I hope it isn't BoA.. she has the power and the pull, but I do not trust SMe to handle Michelle's career growth.) Also I think Junsu and Michelle would be very sympatico ... I think they'd challenge and help each other as artists and Junsu's connections to international R&B people could help Lee Michelle.

    While the JYJ members are doing military service, she could do a musical or work with others. I'd love to see her do some classic duets with Insooni. Mirae/t/Tasha is a different type/genre of performer than Michelle, and Lee Yoojin is an actress, so I don't think comparisons apply unless we're talking about the racial heritage issue. And Dok2... well honestly the prejudices for biracial female singers are going to be different from the ones for male singers.

    Awesome question by the way.

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    Probably not, but not because she's black.

    It's a more subtle reason than that, see? People only care about Lee Michelle because she’s black, and the other members of SuPearls who got kicked out are just forgotten about. So I beg to differ when people say “oh, Lee Michelle’s being discriminated against”; ok, she might be, but not in the blatant way people think.

    The problem is they’re failed trainees, basically.

    What makes someone succeed in the music industry? It isn’t talent. We can all see that; if we count people like Justin Bieber, One Direction, (please people; Im not hating on them, I’m just saying they can’t sing to save their lives). Lee Michelle and other members of Supearls are good at singing, no doubt about it, but the reason YG dropped them is the simple fact that they won’t sell music.

    Psy was a down and out, now he’s arguably the most known man in the world. At what, in his mid 30s?

    Bieber is probably hated by lots of people but who gives a damn! He fricking rakes in money!

    Nearly all the people in Kpop Star is probably better singers than the rest of us, but they still fail.

    Park Ji Min? Winner of Kpop Star Season 1? Anybody remember her now? Nope, she’s forgotten.

    It’s a complicated process for the entertainment companies. They don’t do these programs out of fun, they do it so they find people who is good at selling their music. Prime example, Lee Hi.

    Even if Supearls debuted, how many of you would buy their album? Hands up. I won’t bet on a lot of you doing this.

    Exactly, YG doesn’t think that she’d be successful in the media industry.

    If YG doesn’t think she’s worth investing in, no other minor company will.

    She has already tainted her reputation by failing K.Star, the world already acknowledges that she’s failed an audition program. If she suddenly came onto the music scene, it’s not going to be popular.

    If you argue that groups like B2st were solely based on failures from the major 3 companies, then I have to say that the competition to become an idol wasn’t as fierce back then, and also, those people didn’t ruin their reputation by going public prematurely.

    Lee Michelle won’t be back, but not because of her race.

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