What is this song? It's killing me!?

The lyrics are 'say goodbye, say hello, to something new, ooooh, sail away with meeeeeee' and that's all I got, it's on an overt on tv for a holiday company. I searched the lyrics on google and it said David gray, but it's DEFINITELY not that one, the lyrics don't match and neither does the voice. Thanks :)


I just heard it again!! It's on the dfds sailways advert!! I got the lyrics right too, I listened carefully, they're the correct lyrics above

Update 2:

I FOUND IT!!! It's called Something New and it's by Mads Langer :)

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  • 7 years ago
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    well... I tried my best, but no results, it must be a very infamous song, going on a local tv channel once, i have no idea, sorry.

  • Ontou
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    7 years ago

    Maybe its not a real song, but one made for the commercial. ? Sometimes that's the case.

  • Are you sure that's the right lyrics? Because I can't find it on google. The only thing I know it's not 'Hello Goodbye' by The Beatles

  • 7 years ago

    Hello goodbye - the Beatles

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