Lily of the valley Fragrance?

Looking for a lily scented perfume or cologne, not too musky....Any ideas? Thanks in advance

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    I love lily of the valley, it's one of my favorite flowers and one of my favorite floral notes in a perfume. Some of my favorite lily of the valley scents are:

    - Etat Libre d'Orange - Don't Get Me Wrong Baby - sweet, candied lily of the valley, playful and light.

    - Molinard - Les Fleurs de Provance: Muguet - realistic, green lily of the valley.

    - Van Cleef & Arpels - Muguet Blanc - straight-up lily of the valley.

    - Crabtree & Evelyn - Lily of the Valley - delicate, slightly sweet lily of the valley with a hint of rose and jasmine.

    - Cartier - Cartier de Lune - a balanced rose and lily of the valley scent. It has an ethereal, sheer quality to it and it's hauntingly beautiful.

    - Yardley - Lily of the Valley - a cheaper alternative to the designer and niche interpretations of muguet. A fresh but slightly sweet lily of the valley fragrance and very affordable.

    - Annick Goutal - La Muguet - a very fresh, realistic dry down of mildly soapy lily of the valley.

    - Jessica McClintock - Jessica McClintock - a lovely, light white floral dominated by lily of the valley.

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