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FANTASY BASEBALL - Who should I keep?

I just inherited a fantasy baseball team - 12 team league, 7x7

Definite Keepers:

- Ian Kinsler

- Cole Hamels

Possible Keepers:

- C.C. Sabathia

- Gio Gonzalez

- Brandon Phillips

- Asdrubal Cabrera

- BJ Upton

- Ryan Howard

Any advice would be appreciated!


I should mention too that I get 5 keepers!

Update 2:

Thank you for the feedback so far! I appreciate the advice.

Details about the league: 7x7 (R, H, HR, RBI, SB, BB, K / W, SV, HR, K, HLD, ERA, WHIP), H2H, don't know who the other teams are keeping until draft day

I also just found out from the commissioner that everybody must have a keeper that finished last season ranked 150 or above. That means I can keep 4 of my choice and 1 from the 150+ category. Here are my possibilities in each category

Definite Keepers:

- Ian Kinsler

- Cole Hamels

Possible Keepers (under 150) - pick 2:

- CC Sabathia

- Gio Gonzalez

- Brandon Phillips

- BJ Upton

Possible Keepers (150+) - pick 1:

- Asdrubal Cabrera

- Ryan Howard

I'm leaning towards Kinsler, Hamels, CC, Gio, and Cabrera given the circumstances...but doing that means I'm loading my keepers up on SP, which isn't necessarily the most valuable in a H2H format. Wish the owner before me would have left more to work with..hah!


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    You should explain your league alittle here before asking this question. Is it Roto? is it H2H pts/categories? 7x7 what are the extra 2 cat.'s? All that would/could change a knowledgeable persons response.

    CC and Gio are the 2 best players you have here but if your in a H2H cat having 3 of your 5 keepers as pitchers is overkill, even in pts its overkill bc you can alway find pitchers on waivers. If your in Roto no question go with Gio & CC. Not saying to not keep CC & Gio if your in H2H but I'd def think twice depending on who else is being kept/ going to be available in the draft. In a H2H your only going to get 1-2 starts max and they can't contribute to every category to help you win, so hitters are more valuable.

    And regardless of league type I'd personally not even consider Howard as keeper. Look to grab him later in the draft.

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    Gio Gonzalez (now that he's outa the PED allegations)

    C.C. Sabathia

    and i guess Brandon Phillips as your last keeper (otherwise definitley go with Upton


    C.C. is still dominant, and that wont change this year

    Gio: looking to prove doubters about PEDs, along with clearing his reputation. on top of the great Nationals lineup

    Brandon Phillips: second best 2nd baseman in baseball (my opinion; behind Cano)

    Ryan Howard's durability/age worry me.

    Asdrubal Cabrera can put up some decent stats, i just cant justify him being 1 out of the 5 you keep.

    Upton: playin with his brother could spark a flame under his ***, as the two are really competitive with eachother. he's a huge wildcard, with crazy upside.

    Source(s): fantasy experience, and avid baseball fan.
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    Id go with


    Bj Upton

    and Brandon Phillips

    batters are always more valuable then pitching so you should have 3 hitters 2 pitchers

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    If this was my squad I would keep (besides the players you listed already)



    BJ Upton

    Gio Gonzalez

    CC Sabathia (it is close between CC & Phillips in my opinion. But I'd lean CC)

    *With Hamels, Gio, & CC you already have a legit core to your SP staff and would thus have to just focus primarily on hitters. Good Luck!

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    no offense, but those keepers suck. I would keep Sabathia, Gonzalez, and phillips

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