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Things to see around Stoughton MA?

I'll be going over to the Ikea in Stoughton MA this weekend, I live in NH. I was wondering what I could spend the rest of the day doing in the area? Not so much museums type stuff but nice coastal towns to visit, scenic/natural beauty or activity based stuff that my company (who's not the museum/history sort) would enjoy? Thanks! p.s. Martha's vineyard might not be an option, already checked that out.


Well I'm looking for places other than Boston

Update 2:

But thank you :)

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  • 7 years ago
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    Weymouth, Hingham and Hull have pretty views of the Ocean and Boston. You could go to the end of Hingham, either to Pemberton Point for spectacular views of Boston or Fort Revere for spectacular views of the Harbor Islands

    Jordan's Furniture right near Stoughton has MOM, the Motion Odyssey Movie Ride.

    In Avon there is Blanchard's Colonial Tavern.

    F1 Boston is nearby and lets you race cars.

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    7 years ago

    Not sure how much time you plan to have available. Stoughton is not near any “nice” coastal towns – meaning a half hour or less. But if you are willing to drive a bit more maybe an hour --- Plymouth Ma is nice to visit. There are many nice south shore towns on the coast, but they aren’t like say working around Portsmouth, NH. They are very small towns that may have a few shops, but wouldn’t keep you very busy. Scituate Harbor, Hingham Harbor, and Cohasset --- they have some shops/scenic views, but not a whole lot. They are pretty just not so setup for activities. So if you simply want to drive around and see some scenic areas you could drive and get some pretty views.

    Plymouth would have more viewing opportunities – I know you aren’t interested necessarily in history, but there are more shops and things rather than the towns I mentioned above.

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  • 7 years ago

    ---You are close enough to Boston

    link below is for the boston area

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