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Chords and how to play for baritone ukulele?

Hi...Okay so the only songs I can find to play on the ukulele are for concert, soprano and tenor. As in the chords D,G,B &E. I want to learn how to play it also but I can't seem to find any beginner tutorials to read anywhere for specifically baritones... And the only chords in a song sheet I found were for "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" and I don't really like that song so much. :P I was looking in general and for the song "Hey Soul Sister" ,"Safe and Sound" and "Bubbly" for the baritone. c: But another catch is it can't be on videos because I need to be able to print it out for my teacher...Well If anybody can help me I'd appreciate it, I'm just so frustrated. >~< Thankies...!

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    8 years ago
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    The baritone ukulele plays a fourth (sometimes a fifth) lower than any of the other, smaller ones. Basically, the baritone uke is the highest four strings on a guitar. The Net is filled with tutorials and chord charts, you just need to search for baritone ukulele specifically. Any guitar music can be used, as can any music with chord symbols added, even piano scores. All the chord shapes and progressions will be exactly the same. You can even use other ukulele music. The only difference will be that, for instance, when you play a song in the key of C on a soprano uke, it comes out in the key of G on a baritone. Just think of a baritone uke as a guitar with the lowest two strings missing.

    If you have a teacher, he should be explaining all this to you.

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    Anna, clearly it's no longer tough to be trained to play the baritone ukulele. You will have problem stretching your fingers for chording tho'. The baritone ukulele is the first 4 strings of a guitar. So, if you know anything about a guitar, or have one, eliminate the 2 bass strings and you have got a baritone ukulele. Any tune with guitar chords will be just right for you b/c you is not going to have the two bass strings to debris with. And yes, that you would be able to gain knowledge of off Youtube. Which you can additionally be taught to play a commonplace ukulele off Youtube additionally. Have fun, CowUkeA

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