Good computer companies?

What are the top 10 computer companies?

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    Hard to say. Both computers and companies are constantly changing. Computer companies always offer different products for different purposes in different price ranges. Brand A might have the best laptops between $600-$1200, but another company might have better laptops in the same price range for a different purpose.

    To summarize that, companies can be good and bad in a lot of things. Because of this and because these things are constantly changing through time, it's pretty much impossible to say "This company is better than that company".

    What you can do is sorting companies by popularity. Dell's computers are more popular than MSI's computers, for example. This doesn't mean that Dell is better. This only means that more people buy laptops made by Dell.

    Just to name a few popular computer companies, in random order:

    Dell, Acer, Asus, MSI, HP, Packard Bell, Alienware (=Dell), Apple, Lenovo, Samsung, Toshiba, and probably more but i can't remember.

    If i were to buy a new laptop, i would probably check out ASUS and Lenovo first. They recently made some amazing laptops. At least, i find them amazing. Apple's macbooks would be decent for other people as well, just not for me.

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    Good Computer Companies

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    Good computer companies?

    What are the top 10 computer companies?

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    Legally no. Technically yes, if they have remote software that they use then they could potentially get into your system, unless it was a connection that you had to allow on your end. Though if you have a good firewall, like ZoneAlarm, it will block the connection until you either allow or deny the activity, which if you knew and wanted the computer company in, then you would click yes ( though I would advise not checking the always answer box since that way it will block it again the next time incase you get a disgruntled employee on your butt )

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