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What is the definition of space?

I'm curious as to the lexical definition of space.

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    space/speɪs/ Show Spelled [speys] Show IPA noun, verb, spaced, spac·ing, adjective


    1. the unlimited or incalculably great three-dimensional realm or expanse in which all material objects are located and all events occur.

    2. the portion or extent of this in a given instance; extent or room in three dimensions: the space occupied by a body.

    3. extent or area in two dimensions; a particular extent of surface: to fill out blank spaces in a document.

    4. Fine Arts.

    a. the designed and structured surface of a picture: In Mondrian's later work he organized space in highly complex rhythms.

    b. the illusion of depth on a two-dimensional surface.

    5. outer space.

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    Defining space in a sentence - Space is Emptiness.

    This answer is applicable to both sentences as in "there is a lot of space inside my bag" as well as "Yuri Gagarin was the first person to go in space".

    Happy to help :)

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    Space (/spās/)


    A continuous area or expanse that is free, available, or unoccupied:

    "he backed out of the parking space".


    Position (two or more items) at a distance from one another:

    "the houses are spaced out".

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    area is definition-much less. in basic terms as there's no chilly, purely a loss of warmth, there's no no longer something, purely a loss of. we are area of a mathematical complicated, minute lines of gravity, electromagnetic radiation and different micro-fields pulsating and fluctuating. hundreds of atoms elect the flow around, an in basic terms approximately suited vacuum. interior the direct view of the solar you boil, with out environment to maintain you risk-free. interior the coloration you freeze sturdy as your physique emits all its warmth as radiation into the incomprehensible abyss. exterior of that there relatively isn't something. possibly different universes exist, bubbles floating around in a sea-foam like mist. possibly.

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