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gun. looking for a gsg22 or a 22lr rifle, the S&W M&P 22. used for sale. any help?! where to look?

Lookong to buy. But dont know where to look! Or good prices for each gun. Dont want to pay to much.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    Use the Internet to search the local listings for gunshops. Use a site like Yellowpages, plus other search engines. Look over your results, which should be listed with name, number, city, and possibly a website address. Find the gunshops you didn't know about in your local area.

    Start looking at their websites and calling their phone numbers. Be a wise shopper, and don't be all excited to ask, "How much can I buy a M&P 22 for if you have it?" Ask if they have a specific model in stock, such as the M&P 22. Ask about your second choice in the same manner. Ask politely if the shop will give prices over the phone. Don't attempt to haggle or buy over the phone.

    When calling, you are, "The first time shopper at (your) business, and before traveling the distance (I) have a couple questions (I) hope can be answered over the phone. Primarily... Do you have a S&W M&P 22 in your used inventory? I'm looking for that rifle, and looking to save a few dollars. For the savings, I'm willing to travel some distance to get it."

    P.S. - If a seller immediately responds without hesitation that he has that, but provides no further details, it means he is lying. Or at best he doesn't know if there is one in the shop or not, and is just telling you there is to get you to come in. If a seller says that they have one they got in 3 days ago, and it is in good condition, you should believe that response.

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