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Boxing: Open question to Ghazan (feel free to answer anyone) regarding Mayweather opponent selection?

In a previous answer yesterday:

You stated that Floyd was likely to fight some pretty questionable competition. I disagree with some of your possibilities because they dont add up. I respect you as a fan and a contributor so i just wanted to ask you to eleborate on your choices (specifically Matthew Hatton and Soto Karass).

When Floyd fights, his opponent usually have to be one or 2 things of 3...

A) A highly known fighter

B) a top 10 pound for pound fighter

C) A title holder...

(I could add D. Not with Top Rank)

Anyway, Cotto was a household name and a titleholder. Ortiz was a title holder, who just fought in the Fight Of the Year. Mosely was a household name and a titleholder. Marquez was a household name and a titleholder (at a lower weight) and top 10 pound for pounder. Hatton was a top 10 pound for pounder and a household name in England, a titleholder also...and undefeated. De La Hoya was a hug name and a title holder. Baldomir was a title holder. Judah was a title holder and a household name. This means that Floyd hasnt fought someone who measured up since Sharmba Mitchell in 2005. So you really think Floyd would fight that Hatton or Soto Karass?


The previous question is about Floyd's next 6 opponents. Guerrero is top 10 pound for pound and a title holder...Alvarez is a household name in Mexico and in boxing circles...he too is a title holder.

Update 2:

@istuw, it is not clear to anyone (except those who want to view Floyd as a coward) that he did not want to fight Pacquiao. Some might question why Pacquiao paused at the initial mention of drug testing. For a guy to fight 18 world champions, why would he be afraid of that one. The idea that he is the only opponent who was a threat to defeat him is ridiculous because any opponent at a given moment can beat you (see Tyson/ Douglas, Lewis/ Rahman I, etc.)

Update 3:

Ghazan, thanks for answering. I would have to say that is the information in your answer was correct I would have to agree with you, but some of it isnt and other parts of it is without perspective.

1) FACT CHECK: The Shane Mosley that Mayweather fought was 7-1 in his last 8 fights (one loss coming to Cotto). He was ranked #1 by The Ring and boxrec at 147. He was coming off his biggest victory (KO Margarito). He was calling out Mayweather and Pacquiao. Pacquiao refused to fight him. Roach said only at a 144 catchweight (this is on youtube). When asked why he would not fight him at 147 like he did Oscar, Roach stated Shane was different...better.

2) FACT CHECK: The Zab Judah that fought Mayweather was 5 years removed from being KO'd by Tszyu was 5 years previous. Judah was 7-2 since then and had become the lineal Welterweight Champion (only 1 fight moved from that). The fight was a big event and Floyd went on to fight Baldomir the lineal champion immediately after.

3) Floyd called o

Update 4:

3) Floyd called out Tszyu around the same time he was calling out Mosley and De La Hoya. Before he became the cash cow, none of them wanted to fight him. 4) You can not hold Floyd solely responsible for Cotto, Margarito, Clottey, and Pacquiao. They were all with Top Rank. Floyd fought no Top Rank fighters after leaving Top Rank. You dont think Arum had something to do with that? Arum basically made the name of his fighters Cotto and Margarito and Pacquiao as "The guys so dangerous Floyd Mayweather wont fight them". Using Floyd's name to promote his fighters. Nonsense...and some of the fans bought it. Explain this, why is that the first fight Cotto got once he was free of Top Rank was Mayweather (the biggest payday of his career). 5) Marquez...I think the fact he never fought at 147 should be held against Floyd. Floyd was out for 2 years. Duran jumped up from 135 and beat Ray Leonard, so it's not unprecedented. 6) Hatton had indeed fought at 147 (as Stick and Move stat

Update 5:

Baldomir was no slouch...he was the lineal Welterweight champ and it brought more money minus the headache of dealing with his old bitter boss, Bob Arum. Baldomir was a practical Middleweight and had been on a 21 fight unbeaten streak, including wins over Judah and Clottey.

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  • Ghazan
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    Floyd is a great of the best ever...but his selection of opponents is what keeps me from not being a fan.

    When Floyd fought Mosley everyone considered Mosley a top pound for pound fighter and without a doubt the best the welterweight division had to offer(not realising Shane was 39 years old and had lost 4 of his last 8 fights).

    when Manny Pacquaio agreed to all of Floyd's demands including the random dope testing..Floyd became worried, nervous and mysteriously quiet.

    He fought Zab Judah after Judah was knocked out in the first round by Tsyzu. I'll be real with you...Joshua Clottey beat the crap out of Judah and Diego Corrales...two guys Floyd received a lot of credit for beating..(why didnt floyd fight Clottey?)

    Why didnt he fight Cotto when Cotto was in his prime and regarded as the best welterweight in the world..or why didnt he fight Maragarito,Tzsuyu or even Paul Williams?

    Floyd fought Juan Marquez...a career lightweight who had never sniffed welter before..for what?

    Hatton had never touched why was Floyd fighting him over Miguel Cotto?

    Did you see Maidana vs Ortiz?..Maidana destroyed him, Ortiz was damaged goods...Floyd fought Maidana's leftovers.

    after his win over Judah...Floyd was offered $8 million by Margarito's camp for the superfight..the whole world including Bob Arum wanted Floyd to fight what does Floyd do?..he fires Arum as his manager and agrees to fight Baldomir for $8.2 million..baldomir's career highlights were beating the mentally-retarted Judah and the war-torn Gatti.

    i will give Floyd some props.Compare Floyd's record to Calzaghe''ll find more big names and big fights on Floyd's than Joe's!

  • kimiko
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    4 years ago

    If Mayweather will not be within the ring with Pacquiao then the one different opponents that i might be interested to look Mayweather fight are .... Ortiz- As you mentioned #2 welterweight at the back of Manny,he's WBC champ,he's hungry,younger,bigger and his coming off the biggest win of his career against Berto who was himself a top ranked welterweight! Cotto @154- people could no longer like this combat but Cotto remains to be a very good fighter,he's ranked #1 @154 and is world champion.Against Pacquiao he weighed one hundred forty five and had an awfully inexperienced corner man.I feel @154 underneath Manny Steward,Miguel could be a just right fight for any one and most importantly he's PPV fabric which is very principal at the moment! Martinez @154- this may be a satisfactory fight for Floyd to hold the haters quiet.Sergio is one of the best p4p opponents on the earth,so if Floyd used to be to maneuver up and beat a fighter like Sergio that would impress me greater than a win towards Pacquiao @147.I in my view consider Sergio would pose a greater threat than what Pacquiao would!

  • I would like to clarify a few points on this Mayweather boxing question.

    At the time that Floyd Mayweather Jr. fought Carlos Baldomir he was the

    challenger going into the match, in fact Carlos Baldomir had just defeated

    Zab "Super" Judah in January of 2006. Zab Judah was the Undisputed 147

    Welterweight Champion and Carlos Baldomir schooled him took his belts I

    remember that fight, it happen in New York, even the world famous DJ Clue

    was seated ringside laughing his a$$ off at the sight of Zab being schooled.

    The fact that Floyd Mayweather Jr. turned down a fight with Tony Margarito

    to fight the Undisputed Welterweight Champion for more money was a great

    business decision by Floyd Mayweather Jr. Antonio Margarito is a disgrace

    he cheated in the first Miguel Cotto fought, Cotto took a beating that night in

    a unfair fight when clearly, recent evidence was presented. We don't know in

    Margarito's career how long he cheated to win in his fights? All we do know is

    that Miguel Cotto was never the same after that fight and he was damaged for

    life for the rest of his boxing career. Floyd fought and defeated Cotto who had

    avenge his loss to Margarito and was the no. #1 Jr. Middleweight in the world.

    I know with this new record breaking deal that Floyd Mayweather Jr. will only

    be limited to fighting certain fighters. Some fighters like Manny Pacquiao who

    will have his next boxing event in China is an HBO fighter, Sergio Martinez is

    an HBO fighter and Adrien "The Problem" Broner is an HBO fighter. There is

    still a lot of great fights that can made with Saul "Canelo" Alvarez, the current

    Undisputed Jr. Welterweight Champion Danny Garcia, Amir Khan fights also,

    on Showtime, Paulie Malignaggi, Devon Alexander/Kell Brook winner if Floyd

    wants to unify the Welterweight division and be the Undisputed Welterweight

    Champion of the World before he retires. We don't know yet what Floyd does

    have in store for his boxing fans and the boxing world all I know is that if Saul

    "Canelo" Alvarez can somehow defeat Austin "No Doubt" Trout on May 4th he

    should definitely the front runner to fight Floyd Mayweather on September 15th.

  • 8 years ago

    I would just like too point out regarding Ghazan's answer:

    Zab was the champ at 147lb. He got knocked out by Tszyu like five years prior to fighting Floyd.

    Zab lost a close fight to Baldomir, and then Floyd fought Judah (b/c they already had the fight set before Zab fought Carlos). After beating Judah, Floyd turned down that offer from Margarito so he could fight the LINEAL champion (Baldomir) for 8 million dollars.

    If he chose Margarito, people would've sh*t on him for fighting a titleholder for 7 million, when he could've fought the real champion for 8 million. Evidently, Floyd can't win in that situation. I would've also seen the Margarito fight, but fact is Floyd got a million extra to fight the guy who was THE champ at WW.

    You can't fault that decision. By the time that fight was over with, Margarito had lost to Paul Williams.

    Hatton was the WBA beltholder at 147lb before he fought Floyd. He had plenty of fights there, and had definitely "touched" that division.

    Marquez was the number three P4P fighter in the world when Floyd fought him. Mayweather is bigger (obviously), but fact is he was off for like three years, and still came back to fight an elite fighter who was considered one of the best in the world.

    HE could've fought a Clottey, but he chose Marquez. Size isn't everything, and Marquez' skill is much more dangerous than the fact that he isn't as big as a guy like Clottey.

    Mosley was considered the best WW in the world when Floyd fought him. Pacquiao (actually Roach) didn't want to go anywhere near Mosley. There was an interview where Raoch said, "we'll only fight Mosley if he goes down to 142lb"...which was a weight Mosley already stated he could never make.

    Pacquiao then proceeded to fight Mosley after he got his asss whooped by Floyd, and looked horrible against Mora in a draw (although I thought Mosley was robbed in that fight).

    Pacquiao refused random drug testing after everything was agreed to in 2010. That was the start of the end. Despite the fact that since then he has said in the press he was fine w/ it, look at the facts. Pacquiao has still never done random testing. You don't have to be a PR genius to know that if Pacquiao ever did some random testing on his own, when Floyd was on his "take the test" period, then he would've shut down that whole aspect of this scenario. But guess what? He NEVER did.

    Anyone can pick apart someone's choice of opponents. You can pick Pacquiao's apart just as easily, b/c it's easy to twist things into a negative light. If you don't like Floyd's choice of opponents, then that's your right.

    I even agree w/ you on some of them, but Floyd always had a very good reason to fight who he fought (like in the Baldomir situation).

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  • 8 years ago

    i have noticed Ghazan is can sometimes be quick to critisize mayweather but he has his point.although mayweather fights a high level of competition he hasn't always gone out of his way to fight the best that there is to offer and that pisses people off because the front runner of our sport should be looking to choose the best possible opponents to prove his place.just like all the other greats did before him.

    i question many of mayweathers opponent choices at different stages of his career and to be honest regardless what mayweathers fans have to argue (bob arum,steroids) it is clear to me and others that mayweather didn't want part of pacquiao when he was taking names.he was scared.steroids or not i would fight the hulk for that type of money

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Nuf said Sean G great job . You know the crazy thing is lets just watch the fools who answer this and still not give the greatest fighter on the planet Floyd Mayweather his just dew.

  • 8 years ago

    see...this is the reason why floyd cant retire w/o fighting pacquiao...

    running away from the megafight will haunt his legacy forever

    accept the truth, pacquiao put a foo foo on floyd's head...

  • Dave
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    8 years ago

    I agree with some points from each of you.

    No doubt Floyd has fought some great boxers in his career. I agree with Sean G that he was right to fight Baldomir after he beat Judah. People would have given him more stick if he hadn't fought him. It was unfortunate that the Margarito fight didn't happen but Williams beat him and ended that idea. Floyd perhaps should have fought Williams but for whatever reason that didn't happen. I agree with Ghazan that Floyd should have fought Cotto when he was a prime welterweight champion. He should also have fought Mosley sooner than he did.

    The main fact that I agree with Ghazan on is that Floyd has not fought a prime, world class boxer since Ricky Hatton. There are a lot of world class, prime champions who Floyd hasn't fought over the years for whatever reason.

  • 8 years ago

    What is wrong with you two?? Hes fighting robert guerrero on may 4th. And Canelo Alvarez is fighting on the undercard of that PPV... if canelo wins. Floyd said he'll fight him.... and canelo will be his toughest opponent yet!!

  • 8 years ago

    even though Floyd fought tough opponents.. Floyd accepts that he is a rich coward...

    (against pacquiao)

    you can find it in "im a coward , im a rich cowar.d"

    EDIT 1:

    FLOYD SAID IT HIMSELF.. he is a rich coward... why I should view him as a coward....HE SAID IT HIM SELF...

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