Industry standard IDE for java.?

Can anyone please tell me which IDE is used for software development using Java and J2EE???

Recently I was using NetBeans IDE for practice but, some of my friends told me to use Eclipse IDE as its used by the software development companies... some say JCreater etc etc. I'm confused... please help!!!

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  • 8 years ago
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    I'd say (as someone who has ~2 years experience, which is basically nothing admittedly) that yes, Eclipse is a fairly standard IDE used by a variety of companies. The company i work for even builds its own software with it using Eclipse RCP. So it might happen that not only will you have to develop with Eclipse, but develop an Eclipse application in itself.

    When it comes to basic functionality as an IDE, however, NetBeans and Eclipse don't differ that much. If i were you i'd test both of them and stick with the one that i feel more comfortable working with.

    Another thing is flexibility through plug-ins, where i'd say Eclipse has an advantage over NetBeans, since there are a lot more plug-ins out there for Eclipse than there are for NetBeans. This might be of little importance to you, however, if you just want to develop Java and J2EE.

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