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In a leaf cell, the synthesis of ATP occurs in which of the following organelles?

Here's the whole question:

In a leaf cell, the synthesis of ATP occurs in which of the following organelles?

I. Chloroplasts

II. Mitochondria

III. Ribosomes


I only


II only


I and II only


I and III only

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    3) I and II only

    Not a great answer, since some ATP is produced by glycolysis in the cytoplasm.

    ATP is produced in chloroplasts as one product of the light-dependent reactions of photosynthesis. Other important products include NADPH and oxygen gas.

    ATP is produced in mitochondria as a product of aerobic cellular respiration.

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    Homework, heh? To be honest, i don't understand. i will make knowledgeable guesses and say some certainties, although :) There are somewhat strategies on/in the plasma membrane that use ATP. The Na+/ok+ pump proteins that look after the resting ability of a neuron in the present day are evoked. i'm uncertain approximately lysosomes. Mitochondria, especially much somewhat (if I spent the afternoon interpreting for my biochemistry examination somewhat than netsurfing i could even understand for constructive ^_^). there is somewhat some transport happening in and out of mitochondria, and that i'm especially constructive lots of those are lively transport strategies. lively transport demands ATP hydrolysis. additionally, each and every time mitochondrial DNA is transcribed, ATP is hydrolysed to place the As in the mRNA. although i'm constructive whoever set the homework did not think of of this :P Vacuoles - relies upon? i does not think of a plant's vacuole does somewhat some ATP hydrolysis, yet, say, a contractile vacuole in Paramecium has to settlement a technique or the different. rER... hmm, ought to apply some... attempting to think of if translation makes use of ATP or GTP, and stuff like that... i'm going to stay with uncertain because of the fact i'm lazy to look it up. sER - comparable as above. I propose, lazy to look it up. Ribosomes - returned I also have a obscure memory that ribosomes use GTP in some unspecified time sooner or later, i don't understand approximately ATP off-hand. Nucleus - each and all of the time. Transcription, DNA restore, to call merely 2. and constructive somewhat some chromosome/chromatin manipulation, yet for the nth time right this moment, i'm lazy to look that up. Nucleolus - as that's the place rRNAs are synthesised, the respond is definitely confident. Centrioles - hmm, problematic one. yet another uncertain.

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