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Has anyone ever been to Playa de Las Americas in Tenerife?

I'm going there at the end of July and I really can't wait. It's actually Costa Adeje I'm staying in and we're going All Inclusive. There's five of us who are 16-21 and we wanna know where all the best places are to go clubbing, how much spending money we'd need each for eleven days (going out probably half of them to Playa De Las Americas), and what good excursions and things there are near by and how much they cost. We're gonna do Siam Park and we know about it.

Also, is the Veronicas Strip safe? We keep hearing people warning away from it but I think they're just paranoid or the type of people who make their own trouble.

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    Costa Adeje is a lovely resort and popular with families and is about 5k from Las Americas, there is mainly water sports in the area, don't know the prices. Veronica's Strip is safe as a lot of the clubs and pubs have been closed because of the previous violence and murders and they are very strict with ID for alcohol. There is a lot of African Street trades in the area so be careful with them, as for spending money you will need around £600 each and it should cover you for the 11 days of entertainment, - I preferred Los Christiano's but after going to Alcudia in Majorca that is 10 times better and safer, Good Luck

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    Will not be as lively as summer however will be adequate as some areas are open all year circular. Take some heat clothes as it is rather windy there and at night the temperature does drop.

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