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Please help me for my Things Fall Apart essay?

Hi everyone, in my Humanities class, we finished the book Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe. And we have to write a chapter from the viewpoint of the District Commissioner, about Okonkwo. I was wondering if anyone has done this assignment before, and give me ideas on what I should write. Thanks a lot!

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    Don't fret sweet child, I was in your same position a few years ago.

    Here's a brief overview...

    1) In umuofia, there's this one dude who's like super strong and buff his name Okonkwo (but you know that)

    2) Okonkwo gets sent to prison by Commissioner Gordon who tells him that if he doesn't kill the other leaders inside his jail cell he'll be forced to work by washing cars dressed in bikini outfits.

    3) He instead pays over 9000 cowries to Gordon (cowries are sacred animals) and he goes back to his village to eat yam-foo-foo

    4) The yam foo foo was so rotten that Okonkwo decided to uphold a rally. When a messenger from Gordon came about to silence this yam foo foo uprising, Okonkwo pulled out his schimitar and sliced that fool down.

    5) Okonkwo ended up hanging himself because yam foo foo (the THING) FALLS... APART

    The end

    my suggestion: read the book.

    Source(s): my brain is full of yam foo foo
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