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is google nexus 4 comes as seal phone?

i just bought a Google nexus 4 and i cant find how to open it come as a seal phone.also currently i m using Sony Ericsson xeperia arc can i transfer my contacts to nexus 4.i have sync my contacts to google. also i didn't get the headset.why is that.i bought it from uk.

what else should i know about nexus 4.

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  • stu
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    7 years ago
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    if you are asking if the phone can be opened up, then no, not like your xperia at least. look at the bottom of the phone, there are 2 torx screws that can be un-screwed and the phone can be opened up, but i wouldn't recommend doing this.

    as for the contacts, since you have synced your contacts from your xperia with google, all you have to do is sign into your google account during setup (or through the settings>accounts) and the contacts will sync over.

    other stuff to know,

    current latest software is 4.2.2, if you dont have that, check for updates.

    battery is not removable

    there is no expandable storage

    get a case, a cracked screen will render the phone completely useless as the digitizer is in the glass, so if it cracks, it wont detect touch. iphone 5 uses the same technology.

    and, the phone is awesome. you bought the best phone for the money.

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