Name [x] girls and boys with these names :)?

Girls First and Middle:

Juniper, Joelle, Joyce, Charisma, Sophia, Sophie, Seraphina, Lily, Lola, Megan, Hazel, Molly, Mary, Moira, Chloe, Claire, Vanessa, Clover, Kiara, Ciara, Madelyn, Madeleine, Indigo, Phaedra, Priscilla, Kirsten, Kristen, Echo, Eden, Noelle, Michelle, Faith, Joy, Olivia, Ophelia, Janina, Dakota, Delilah, Iris, Giselle, Jill, Lilian, Lydia, Rachel, Rae, Heather, Haley, Hailey, Heidi, Hilary, Wihelmina, Esmeralda, Katrina, Erin, Sabrina, Elle,

Boys First and Middle:

Frederick, Ashton, Aspen, Wilhem, Oscar, Tristan, Tate, Jace, Kevin, Joel, James, Oliver, Kieran, Tyler, Joshua, Holden, Andrew, Aaron, Derek, Dustin, Darren, Dylan, Hunter, Caleb, Ryan, Calvin, Colin, Collin, Cedric, Harry, Niall, Zane, Felix, August, Ian, Isaiah, Ronald, Patrick, Paul, Peter, Mason, Milo, Ceasar, Gabriel, Gregory, Garrett, Toby, Anthony, Timothy, Theodore, Taylor, Cameron, Dakota, Ethan, Sean, David, Jack, Julian, Romeo, Austin.



For girls: Faith, Taylor, Destiny, Dorothy, Ethel, Annabeth, Lucy, Rainbow, Sasha, Verity, Angela, Angelina, Angelica, Alexis, Alexandra, Mona, Marissa.

For boys: Arthur, Alejandro, Angel, Rodrigo, Chase, Jedidah, Owen, Philip, Spencer, Jasper, Benjamin, Bentley.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Juniper Joyce

    Joelle Charisma

    Joyce Michelle

    Charisma Lily

    Sophia Joelle

    Sophie Vanessa

    Seraphina Chloe

    Lily Clover

    Lola Kirsten

    Megan Mary

    Hazel Dakota

    Molly Joy

    Mary Giselle

    Moira Jill

    Chloe Sasha

    Claire Destiny

    Vanessa Rachel

    Clover Eden

    Kiara Faith

    Madelyn Heather

    Phaedra Hailey

    Kirsten Delilah

    Kristen Heidi

    Echo Iris

    Eden Lucy

    Noelle Kiara

    Michelle Kristen

    Faith Erin

    Joy Alexandra

    Olivia Taylor

    Dakota Alexis

    Delilah Echo

    Iris Angela

    Giselle Destiny

    Jill Vanessa

    Rachel Sabrina

    Rae Angelina

    Heather Michelle

    Hailey Joy

    Katrina Noelle

    Erin Hilary

    Sabrina Chloe

    Elle Mary-Vanessa

    Taylor Angelica

    Destiny Erin

    Lucy Alexandra

    Sasha Phaedra

    Angela Eden

    Angelina Heather

    Angelica Mary

    Alexis Moira

    Alexandra Noelle

    Marissa Faith

    Tristan Oliver

    Tate Joshua

    Kevin Tyler

    Joel Garrett

    James Kieran

    Oliver Dustin

    Kieran Paul

    Tyler Anthony

    Joshua Ian

    Holden Zane

    Andrew Gregory

    Aaron Chase

    Derek Owen

    Dustin Philip

    Dylan Hunter

    Hunter Caleb

    Caleb Ethan

    Ryan Patrick

    Colin Cedric

    Harry James

    Zane David

    Ian Spencer

    Isaiah Cameron

    Patrick Gabriel

    Gregory David

    Toby Jasper

    Anthony Paul

    Timothy Sean

    Cameron David

    Ethan Tate

    Sean Philip

    David Austin

    Jack Ryan

    Julian Chase

    Austin Isaiah

    Chase Cameron

    Owen Jasper

    Philip Andrew

    Spencer Zane

    Jasper Colin

    Benjamin Jasper

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  • 7 years ago

    Lily Noelle

    Ophelia Joy

    Juniper Faith

    Megan Joelle

    Delilah Rainbow

    Sabrina Hazel

    Erin Angelina

    Heidi Giselle

    Dakota Iris

    Lola Rae

    Joel Anthony

    Ethan James

    Romeo Garrett

    Benjamin Chase

    Dustin Theodore

    Felix Cameron

    Andrew Owen

    Jasper Dylan

    Caleb Hunter

    Gabriel Zane


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  • 7 years ago

    Rachel Lily

    Molly Olivia

    Eden Claire

    Hailey Faith

    Madelyn Joy

    Kiara Michelle

    Destiny Taylor

    Kristen Noelle

    Ian David

    Owen Phillip

    Gregory Tyler

    Ethan Hunter

    Austin James

    Julian Andrew

    Cameron Tate

    Timothy Spencer

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  • 7 years ago

    Sophie Rae

    Olivia Noelle

    Lily Alexandra

    Molly Kiara

    Rachel Angelica

    Indigo Joy

    Iris Heather

    Ciara Destiny

    Mona Hilary

    Tristan Joel

    James Andrew

    Harry Cedric

    Ethan Julian

    David Garrett

    Spencer Bentley

    Darren Zane

    Aaron Derek

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  • Cassie
    Lv 4
    7 years ago

    Mary Lillian

    Moira Claire

    Iris Joy

    Heidi Erin

    Lucy Olivia

    Aspen Caleb

    Holden Patrick

    Dustin Arthur

    Mason Frederick

    Jack Austin

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  • R.
    Lv 6
    7 years ago

    Joel Cedric

    Patrick Collin

    Milo Gregory

    James Ian

    Felix Jasper

    Sophia Indigo

    Eden Rachel

    Giselle Madeleine

    Ophelia Hazel

    Juniper Michelle

    Joey, Patch, Miles, Jamie, Felix, Phia, Edie, Elle, Lia and June

    :) :) :)

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  • Slinky
    Lv 6
    7 years ago

    Benjamin Owen "Ben"

    Theodore Joel "Theo"

    Oliver Gabriel "Olly"

    Harry James

    Ethan Jack

    Megan Alexandra "Megs"

    Lily Rachel "Lils"

    Olivia Noelle "Olive"

    Sophia Joy "Sophe"

    Chloe Seraphina

    Lydia Claire

    Lucy Madeleine "Lu"

    Erin Michelle

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  • 7 years ago

    I'll just do as many combos that i can with my favorites from the lists:

    • Juniper Seraphina

    • Sasha Iris

    • Hazel Dorothy

    • Wilhelmina Claire

    • Lucy Madeleine

    • James Oscar

    • Oliver Philip

    • Felix Kieran

    • Holden Jasper

    • August Mason

    • Peter Benjamin

    • Theodore Gabriel

    • Julian Arthur

    "June, Sasha, Hazel, Willa, Lucy, Jack, Oliver, Felix, Holden, August, Peter, Teddy & Julian"

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  • vesta
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    3 years ago

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