When Aaliyah's plane crashed did all 9 burn in the plane? Any survivors? How bad was the crash?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Aaliyah and eight others died in the Bahamas plane crash.

    Scott Gallian, 41

    Keith Wallace, 49

    Douglas Kratz, 28

    Eric Foreman, 29

    Gina Smith, 29

    Anthony Dodd, 34

    Christopher Maldonado, 32

    The plane's pilot, identified only as L. Maradel

    There was only one survivor who was flown to Florida for treatment. The passenger was in critical condition

    Crash was pretty bad all the victims were burned pretty bad

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  • 3 years ago

    Aaliyah Plane Crash

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  • 6 years ago

    As soon as the plane nose dived, it exploded immediately upon impact. Six of the 9 passengers died instantly including Aaliyah. Three of the passengers: Scott Gallin, Chris Maldanado and Anthony Dodd survived for awhile. Scott Gallin died within a few hours awaiting treatment. Maldanado was seriously burned and died withing a few hours. Dodd was also horribly burned and survived to early next morning.

    From what I've read, most of those instantly dead passengers were disfigured and burned beyond recognition. Aaliyah's plane was ejected several feet from the plane upon impact and she was still strapped to her seat. She didn't get as burned as the others but, looking at the charred seat where she was discovered; there were still some serious burns.

    Source(s): According to the pathologist, Aaliyah went into shock and died from a blow to the head and severe burns and suffered from a weak heart. It's safe to say that looking at that plane, the pilot Luis Morales III had to get the worst of it. He probably was torn to pieces. At any rate, this was a terrible tragedy for all involved.
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