Projector Screen comes up Blue and shows nothing.?

Panasonic Projector has not been working lately. When I turn it on it goes to a blank blue screen. I then click on the input selection tool (and usually there is something that appears letting me know what input I'm on) this however is not showing up. It just stays blue. It also stays blue when I click on menu and everything else. It doesn't change. Any ideas or suggestions what to look at to fix it?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Not much to go on! Could be almost anything from a setting or switch issue to a major issue.

    Assuming the lamp works (which it sounds like it does) and you checked connections, have you changed anything? Does the remote work (batteries still good?) Have you tried using a different input and selecting with the controls on the projector rather than the remote? Sorry, just brainstorming here.

    It's probably a service call.

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  • 3 years ago

    The BSoD isn't deadly as such, it in simple terms skill that your computer had a deadly errors those days that led to it. that's led to by skill of an exceedingly vast decision of issues and there is not any specific thank you to tell. i'm guessing right here, and there would desire to be different reasons, however the reality that your computer screen reflects no sign would desire to be some form of hardware fault, inspite of the reality that it might desire to be something.

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