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How can I become more flexible?

I want to be flexible enough so I can do the splits... And other certain gymnastic moves.. Please state specifically.. 10 pts best answer

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    Flexibility takes a lot of time and patience.

    You WILL be sore a lot, you get used to it.

    Everyone's muscles are different. Where it took me 2 months to get my front split, it took my friend years, she is a ballet dancer. You have to be really patient.

    Some basic stretches are straddles, the butterfly, pike, seal, frog, heel stretches, and bridge. As you get more and more flexible you will be able to do different kinds of stretches.


    You will want to stretch all the way over to the left and right before you go to the middle. The object is to get to the point where your head is touching the ground on both sides. (Some people think your head touching your knee is enough. It's not.) Then, reach down into the middle. Your head may not touch right now, but you WILL get there, but only if you work at it. Your hips will roll over as you get further and closer to touching the ground with your upper body. The ultimate object is to get your entire stomach/upper torso to be flat on the ground.


    Pikes are when your legs are straight out in front of you, touching side-by-side. Pikes mean nothing to your muscles if each of your hamstrings are not stretched out individually, so what I like to do (this also helps you get farther down in your pike) is to put one of your legs straight out in front of you, and the other off to the side or just bent in front of you. Keep your hips SQUARED to the front or else your muscle WILL NOT stretch! Do this on both sides, THEN do your pike. It will get you down so much farther. The object is to give the illusion that you can completely fold in half. People that can't do this are mesmerized by it, I don't know why.


    If you're going into a butterfly stretch from a pike, you basically just pull your legs in as far as possible and stretch over. You should feel a good stretch in your groin.

    The mistake that lots of people make in this stretch is that they hunch their back over, which actually creates a worse stretch and fools you into thinking you're more flexible than you actually are. This is because when you slump, your head goes down farther. DO NOT DO THIS, you're only hurting yourself.

    The object is to get your legs ALL the way in, ALL the way down, and your back ALL the way over.

    A secret to the butterfly stretch is that if you extend your legs farther out to where they are almost straight, it stretches your hips! Hold that for a few seconds. It feels very tingly hahah


    The seal stretch is a great stretch for not only your back, but also your ab muscles. What you do is you simply lay down on your stomach with your legs straight, feet pointed behind you, and you push your upper body up with your arms. Bend your head back with your back! If you don't it will hurt your neck. That may sound unlikely to you, but believe me, it's true

    Suck in your ab muscles to turn this into an abdominal stretch before or after a workout. The object is to be able to bend your legs and be able to touch your toes to your head.


    This stretch is probably the most important stretch next to the straddle for getting your MIDDLE SPLIT. (ALL stretches are important.) Get on the floor, bend your knees like your getting ready to perch like a bird, and sit in it like you're doing a middle a split with bent knees. It hurts, but it hurts because it WORKS. Stretching hurts. That's a fact. If it hurts, that means you're doing it right.

    The object is to get your crotch flat down on the floor. At that point you will also most likely have your middle split too!

    Heel Stretches

    Heel stretches are pretty much addicting, but there's more to it than just simply pulling your leg up.

    First, start with grabbing of your legs. Keep your hips SQUARE & LOCK YOUR SUPPORTING LEG. If you do not do this, you WILL lose balance and possibly hurt yourself. Do these on BOTH LEGS, sitting, and standing up. It will get higher and higher everyday you practice them.


    You want to get your splits, don't you? Patience!

    Make sure to stretch BOTH SIDES.

    Begin with a lunge. This stretches out your inner quads which are stretched doing a split. Then, you must stretch your hamstrings.

    Your hamstrings must be REALLY loose.

    Then slide down into your split.

    Once again, KEEP YOUR HIPS SQUARE! This means they are placed facing front, NOT to the side.

    Hold this position for 5 sets of 30 seconds and no less everyday. This is what I did to get my split and I had it on both sides in 2 months starting with 0 flexibility 2 years ago.

    Either use a mat, or if you are on hard wood floors put sweatpants & socks on that are slippery on the wood. It helps A LOT.

    Hope this helps, have fun with stretching! :)

    Source(s): I am a dancer, cheerleader, and I tumble
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    I have done gymnastics all my life so take this from me when I say it just takes practice. Now you said you want to be able to do a perfect split so wo what I recommend is getting some sort of mat(or something squishy) about 5-6 inches off the ground. Get into your split and put one of your legs on the mat. Hold it for about 1min 30 second intervals. It's going to hurt like crap but its affective. Do this every day or maybe a couple of days a week. You will receive flexibility in time. Good luck!

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    Stretch in a straddle facing the wall, keep doing that until your stomach touches the wall. Also just do the splits the best you can every day.

    Source(s): Cheerleader.
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    i have a few good stretches. so if you want a scorpion, heres some stretches:

    1. wall splits: if you havent seen these, its where you go to a wall, or preferably a door frame, and you basically just do your splits standing up. so you put one of your legs on the wall and you slide in as far as you can go and this really helps.

    2. when you are in your splits, bend back as far as you can go and try to grab your leg in a way. also you can bend your back leg up to your head.

    3. ok so basically, you lie on your stomach or side and you pull your leg up like you would in a scorpion until its a straight as you can get it. this helps alot.

    also, when you are trying to do a scorpion, make sure you stretch your back really good.

    ok so another good stretch is laying on your back and with someone else holding one leg down, you bring your foot back as far as you can so its like you are doing the splits but youre on your back. you can also have someone else bring it back for you.

    i hope this helps!

    Source(s): Cheerleader
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  • 8 years ago

    just stretch the art of youre body you want more flexible until it hurts and hold for 20 seconds every day

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  • 8 years ago

    constantly stretch, and do various exercises to loosen up your limbs, also stretching will help stretch your muscles so you can bend turn twist and move more flowingly

    Source(s): my mom does yoga
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