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Do I have a chance of getting pregnant?

My boyfriend and I had sex 3 times today, all at separate times, but we only used 2 condoms. He would pull out and we'd wait a little bit because I was in pain then we'd start again with the same condom. We might have waited 30 minutes after sex the first time and used the same condom. Could that get me pregnant? The condom was kind of dry and lost its latex slime stuff. He didn't finish or anything. Also, he put the condom on the wrong way before the first time we did it and then flipped it to the right way. Was that safe and could it get me pregnant even though he didn't finish? We're not looking to conceive. Also, for the first time he was about halfway/a quarter in without a condom for about a minute or 2 and then he put on a condom. And at one point we were in the shower not having sex but his penis was near my vagina, touching it but not inside. What could happen because of that?Thank you for any help.

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    Well, in order to conceive, an egg would need to be fertilized by the sperm. I'm no expert, but I'd say semen mostly needs to be present.

    Perhaps getting into the habit of using a new condom each time you have sex instead of a previously used one will help in reducing the risk.

    Remember that, while condoms may help prevent pregnancy, they aren't infallible. Practice safe-sex if you don't want to practice celibacy because it only takes one time for conception.

    Hope this helps a bit.

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