Where can I find a replacement power supply for my computer?

I need to replace the power supply in my computer [an HP Pavilion Slimline Desktop Model#S3560f]

I don't what would be compatible. I believe the current one is 60Ws?

LINK: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?docnam...

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  • 7 years ago
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    Since that is not a standard power supply size (proprietary to HP), the above are about the only ones available

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  • C-Man
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    7 years ago

    Unlike regular desktops, the power supplies in slimline computers are proprietary. You can only use PSUs made for that specific slimline model. Standard ATX power supplies from Amazon or Newegg won't fit. And unfortunately, most slimline power supplies are fairly low wattage. It's rare to find anything higher than 300 watts, even among 3rd-party replacements.

    http://www.atxpowersupplies.com is a good source to check, but their prices are rather high. There are companies who specialize in slimline power supplies that have Ebay stores- those are your best bet.

    Here's a compatible PSU upgrade, unfortunately it's only 250 watts.


    Given the weak PSU options, you wouldn't be able to upgrade the graphics card in that slimline to anything better than a low-profile GeForce GT 430 (or it's replacement the GT 620). If you can track down a 300-320 watt PSU for the Pavilion S3560f, then a low-profile Radeon HD 6670 or 7750 would work.

    *** Update ***

    Dave has posted the best long-term solution if you're willing to go through the time & trouble of transplanting ALL the parts in your computer into a new case. But what he's suggested can be complicated by the fact that some HP slimlines have a proprietary small ATX power connector on the motherboard, which doesn't fit standard ATX power supplies. You'd need a special adapter cable.

    In any event, that's something you'd have a computer shop do for you, not something you'd try yourself unless you're quite experienced with hardware. As he suggests you could call a techy friend to help.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    OK, lots of answers...and not one of them correct.

    A person buying a computer should never buy a premade system.

    If you DO buy a premade system, you should never buy a "slim" or "slimline" or "SFF" or "small form factor" system.

    One of the main reasons for not buying premade computer systems is that they all come with crappy quality power supplies that will die early on you.

    One of the main reasons for not buying a slim or slimline system is that the crappy quality power supply that will die early on you is ALSO proprietary...meaning hard to replace and expensive...

    OK, here is what you should do, if you find yourself the owner of a slimline system with a bad power supply...or need to upgrade the power supply:

    Just buy a new case and power supply. Not only is this cheaper, but you will end up with a better quality power supply.

    I'd suggest something like a cooler master 361 from Amazon. (includes 350W power supply which isn't the greatest quality...but it's better than any replacement power supply you could get for your current case!)

    NOTE: You will need to take all the guts out of the HP Pavilion to install it in the new case. This will take a few hours if you know what you are doing. If you don't know what you are doing, get a neighbor or friend to help you.

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  • 7 years ago


    That does NOT look standard (and it's a 160W), so you have to be looking for a specific replacement unit, though you could probably fit a 200/250W of the same range

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  • 3 years ago

    First... the 1st 3 3 responders might desire to be slapped! the only reason to be so rude and unfavourable is to make oneself sense significant at somebody else's fee. specific, you made some errors and you already be attentive to that. So... as quickly as you get sparks and heat temperature it potential something is shorted. in distinctive words, you have have been given 2 or greater suitable products of steel touching one yet yet another that would desire to no longer be touching. perhaps some solder have been given into places this is going to now no longer be or perhaps the unique potential surge melted insulation and allowed the touching. as quickly as you're specific you in fact see sparks around the capacitor you in fact replaced, my first wager might desire to be solder overlap or perhaps you place the capacitor leads interior the incorrect holes. As responder 4 reported, seem for burned or melted insulation (varnish in coils, rubber/plastic on wires) and seem for wires, solder or distinctive bits and products that would desire to no longer be touching. additionally, determine which you place the warm capacitor wires of their suited places. subject concerns like capacitors, transistors, diodes, and so on. have polarities (style of like a front and draw back) and can be oriented stable. seem for the valuable lead mark (or learn the previous one and journey the warm one to it) and be sure it is going interior the valuable place, which potential an identical hollow the previous one replaced into in. As for the guy who stated potential factors are deadly...it particularly is basically certainly in the event that they're plugged in or...and that's quite significant!... if there's a capacitor that keeps to be protecting a value sufficiently massive to harm you. Capacitors are electric powered storage contraptions and can desire to, like a battery, carry a value for an prolonged time (even jointly as the potential is grew to alter into off) till finally they're discharged. are no longer getting your physique areas interior the way of that discharge. Now, as responder 4 stated, get your magnifying glass and learn those areas and connections.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Go to newegg. Next stop amazon

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