Help with a painting idea to represent Virgo?

I have to paint something for my painting class and I want it to represent virgo. I don't want to do the symbol because that's to simple and I don't want to paint a woman because I'm not good at painting people. What is something that I could paint to represent Virgo that isn't a woman or the symbol? (The symbol can be involved I just don't want to paint the symbol all by itself)

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  • 7 years ago
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    Well have a look at the language of flowers and flowers that represent purity, I've forgotten exactly which one represents purity, but I know its white. Lilies are dignity I think, and white roses are platonic love. (platonic = no lust, aka no sex)

    You could also paint white cloth in interesting swirls that suggest purity with the symbol kind of twisted.

    You could attempt hands that look pale, childlike and unblemished, maybe clasping a white flower?

    Even if you're not great with painting people you could also just have a close up of an eye or just the iris and have either the symbol or (even better) the constellation reflected in the pupil. The constellation would look cool on large scale as the pupil would look like the night sky.

    Pure white feathers could also be used. You could create an interesting composition using white cloth, feathers and a flower.

    You might just focus on a girl's neck, have a close up of a stretched out neck with just a bit of white lace or piece of shirt at the bottom.

    Oh, pearls also represent purity and virginity. So you could have an open mother-of-pearl, maybe in a hand?

    Good luck, I hope this helps.

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  • Only a woman can represent Virgo and no other else according to astrology :)

    So if you're not good in painting people, paint what I've said in your own style because art can also compromise its style for imperfection.

    So what if you can't good on painting people? You can paint according to your own style and interpretation ( I mean another unique figure of a woman). Who knows? You can be the next Pablo Picasso after finishing the work :)

    Source(s): Painted a symbol of zodiac in 6th grade ( 7 years ago)
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  • 4 years ago

    Good whilst I was not ever that nice at abstract there were some methods I discovered to help. First consider on the concept of affection and what involves intellect? Hearts, rings, cupid, maintaining palms, vegetation, might be even song. The trick I used for abstracting was gathering portraits or symbols of what I wanted to bring and sketching them out. After you do that re-sketch them extra simplified. A 3rd time should damage the discipline into the most normal geometric shapes and features. Prefer a couple of you love and prepare these graphics onto paper or canvas (I opt for to paint abstract I find the comb strokes lend more to the primal first-class I want to achieve). To summary an additional stage crop a few of these portraits and enlarge. Don't be afraid to move bold with colour. Essentially the most original colors inspiration of when describing love are crimson, red, inexperienced, and gold. However do not be afraid to make use of other colours if others fit higher to your perception of the discipline. Hope this helps :)

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  • 7 years ago

    if you what to do draw a painting of the Virgo symbol then i have an idea what you can do is draw the symbol in the middle then if you can draw the woman at the back with a field of grass you dont have to draw the woman if you what to or a have another idea draw i nice cartoony symbol in the middle then have little curly leaves growing on it and flowers!!! have a try it out and if it works then thats fantastic good luck!!!

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  • 7 years ago

    I am not familiar with astrology but you could paint a closed flower..

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