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Will Any insurance pay braces?

We have an insurance card and my 12 yea old needs them BADLY. But we cannot ford it at the moment so will our insurance pay?? She has and overbite and 1 crooked tooth

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  • Zarnev
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    8 years ago

    It depends on what you mean by "an insurance card". Health insurance doesn't pay for dental.

    Some, but not all, dental insurance will pay a portion for braces. Most plans will pay 20 to 50% up to an average of $1000. However, with braces costing an average of $5000 you'll be paying a large amount even with insurance. Also, since dental insurance will have a waiting period of up to 36 months before you get full benefits you may not be able to wait.

    Your options would be a discount plan or a dental school. The cost at a school is often about half of what your local dentist charges. The students are supervised by a dentist as they're working on you. You can find the nearest school here:

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  • 5 years ago

    With Blue cross, that insurance by and large will pay like half of of the charges or up to close to seventy five% of the cost. I had braces and that i happen to have that equal insurance, and i bought the steel braces which can be a little bit more pricier but are more strong than the clear ones. With the metallic braces teh insurance included simplest 60% and my mum and dad were left to pay $four hundred. I hope this helps you.

  • justa
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    8 years ago

    Ask your insurer. There is dental insurance available too, you might want to check out those policies, or you can put it on a credit card dedicated to that one purpose and pay it off.

    Or you can check out a dental college and see if they'll do that kind of work at cost.

    Regular medical insurance doens't usually pay unless there is some medical reason for it, that's why you'd need to speak to your company.

  • 8 years ago

    Is it dental insurance? Most policies cover at least half for kids under 17. You can always call your insurance company and ask them?.

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