Customised/personalised pencils and pens question or other site that customise pencils and pens?

I own a little boutique and I'm planning on selling custom film-themed pencils and pens, and planning to order a huge bulk because I'm not from the US. I came across and can anyone tell me if it's legitimate and if the quality of their products are okay? Or can you recommend to me a website that does custom pencils and pens. DO NOT SUGGEST IF YOU HAVEN'T PERSONALLY TRIED THAT SITE.

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  • 7 years ago
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    I was finally able to contact open one of my friends who has her own business. She recommends the list I will put on here.She has used it for some time and told me they have specials you might want to check out.

    National Pen Company - Corporate Site -

    National Pen offers customized promotional products to 20 countries across the world. Visit our corporate site to learn more about National Pen Company. - Cached 2. Promotional Pens, Custom Pens, Promotional Products ...

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    Hello friend

    Papachina is one of the best promotional pens supplier in china. we are providing Promotional Pens, Personalised Pens, Custom Made Pens, Custom Printed Pens and customized pens and pencils.

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  • 7 years ago

    All I can tell you is that my father owned a business doing that kind of order, and my sister now runs it. She told me that those websites will not sell to individuals, only to businesses who sell promotional items, like her business. You can visit the websites to see the items, but you have to place the order through one of their agents, which is what she is. So you would have to find someone who is in the business of selling promotional items. A word of caution: I don't know about that website, but I do know of an individual who wanted themed pens for a conference. I referred her to my sister. She decided to "do it her own way", and ended up ordering hundreds of Bic pens that had been warehoused because they had a defect and couldn't be sold on the market. My sister would have been able to tell her that, but she didn't want to know. Moral of the story: buyer beware, and don't try to take shortcuts if you don't know the business.

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    There is a website that may help you, they sell personalized pencils, also sell blank pencils, I had buy not only pencils from them but also other products.

    If you do not see what you're looking for, email then with your request.

    Good Luck

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