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SB22 asked in Yahoo ProductsYahoo Answers · 7 years ago

Reporting abuse, I'm getting conflicting messages from Yahoo & I'm not getting any real help, HELP!?

I'm not talking about the "Report Abuse" button on every Q/A here. But I need help with reporting abuse of mass trolls that have targeted me recently, email abuse & regular violent/threatening/offensive posts that are getting looked over by the regular "Report Abuse" option.

Before, an email was accepted to either: or to report abuse, which got some attention. But now when I email them, I'm getting this automated response telling me the following:


This is an automated message regarding your recent request for Yahoo! Customer Care support. In order to properly assist you, please go to the Yahoo! homepage and contact us by clicking on the help link at the bottom of the page.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you for reaching out to us. We look forward to helping you!


Yahoo! Customer Care

**Please do not respond to this message as no one will receive it. Thank you for reaching out to us. We look forward to helping you!"

So, I've been following their instructions to report abuse from the main page/help section, on this link: but they only allow 80 characters in a description, you can barely fit a full URL in it, let alone an explanation of what you're reporting! Plus I haven't heard anything back from them AT ALL when I do report this abuse going on.

I understand Y!A can't reply to everyone, they may not be able to address everyone's concerns either, but I've reported so many of these outright violations made on Y!A, & I know others who follow the Y!A Guidelines & TofS, have too. But these trolls & abusers are still allowed on here, they're still making offensive hate speeches, attacking individual members here with vicious comments, & I'm STILL getting targeted!

Trolls are going through my account & reporting everything I've ever said on here. Yes, I am appealing them & most are getting restored, but the appealing process takes way more time then I want to spend on here! SEVERAL Q/A's of mine are falsely reported EVERY DAY! I do not have time or desire to appeal every single one, can't I report this mass abuse? HELP Yahoo help!!!!


I'm not reporting everyone I don't like, that itself is against the rules, as I said, I report abuse, as Y!A asks honorable users to do! Those who insult others, post hate speeches, rant, threaten violence, etc. There's a report abuse button on every Q&A ever posted on Y!A, for a reason! If we stop reporting these vicious bullies, then we are allowing them to continue attacking everyone they want. Why would I delete my account that I've had almost 8 years? I'm not the one who violates Y!A rules! If the nut-jobs continue to come after me because I report their outright abuse, then so be it, if that is truly my only option. But I doubt the good people here, those who DO follow rules & understand how to use this site correctly, feel that's an acceptable solution. I was hoping I'd get some thoughts on how to handle these hateful abusers! I did get some, thank you! The others who created new accounts just to badger me some more, I didn't even bother reading p

Update 2:

past the first sentence, so their attempts to get me upset, fail again! But thanks for reading my question! I guess it took a few minutes out of their normal daily routine of harassing other members!

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    The Uk group seems to respond better. Write them at


    (the missing 'e' in 'answers' is intentional)

    You will get an automated message at first, but everyone does. If they find anything to your inquiry, they will respond.

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  • Just
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    7 years ago

    The appeal process makes up half the time spent on Yahoo. Then, you don't always get a reply and it makes your time a double waste.

    From what I understand, it's okay to stalk a user as long as all questions reported are actual violations of at least chat.

    Seems like Yahoo adds more work to the load of those who already don't get a paycheck. Why do people now get redirected to the main page to report something?

    The offensive will always be here.. not sure about the others.

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  • RAY G
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    7 years ago

    I agree with what others have advised about contact addresses:

    That said - and I know that this isn't what you want to hear - after a quick Google, I strongly advise that you also consider these points:

    1) Y!A is not a venue for proselytizing or preaching. Even if you feel that's an obligation, you signed up to a contractual agreement to obey the site rules, and if you choose to break them by using the site as a soapbox, then others are correct to report that misuse.

    2) Asking users to get directly in touch with you is a solicitation violation.

    3) Questions that are strongly framed as an exposition of the asker's opinion are rant violations (e.g. "Why don't people understand <whatever>?, followed by mini-essay on your complaint about what they don't understand).

    4) Repeated posts of links that don't actually source the specific answer to the question asked may eventually be considered spam.

    5) Arguing with answerers is a chat violation.

    6) Accusing a named user of impersonation or being a troll is a chat violation.

    These may explain some of what you believe to be false reports.

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  • 7 years ago

    I have many contacts on here saying the same thing. And from what I heard there are many being targeted, not just one person or one group. I just answered a similar question that said the same thing and I told him, you are not alone. The last 2 weeks I have had many violations.

    I would continue to write them at I think there might be a delay and that is why you are getting an automated response. I think there are tons of people complaining because of so many problems. Very sad too.

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  • Gone
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    7 years ago

    yes, send an email to Y1AT, the email to both teams is in the right hand column on the Suggestion Board.

    I just had to read through 5 paragraphs of your life story to find a question. the question goes in the header, not buried under 5 paragraphs.

    Maybe this is why you cannot fit your report in the required space. when you email, send evidence and URLs, not a rant of unnecessary info like in this "question".

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  • 7 years ago

    careful there you'r bordering on an "rant" violation.

    I just had to report someone who flat out instulted me today and got the same auto reply you received. I don't know if I really expect anything to happen as 1/2 my appeals when I get reported get totally ignored. There is a great disturbance on how Y! A is run and it is something they need to fix.

    close or stop using that account and create a new one. this is legal according the the TOU and the CG as only one account would be in use of Y!A and not used to bump up your questions or answers.

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  • 7 years ago

    My thought, stop reporting people and they will leave you alone. UL and Rustic will not leave you alone since both of them are out to get all Jehovah's Witnesses regardless of what it does to their spirituality and relationship with God.

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