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What's the best type of gecko for a beginner reptile owner?

Besides a leopard gecko.what would a good choice be?

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    Oy....Iguanas aren't geckos nor are they even good for beginner reptile owners....

    Now to answer your question.

    Crested geckos, panther geckos, some day geckos (such as Peacock day geckos), gargoyle geckos, and African fat tailed geckos are all good for beginners. The leopard gecko, though is my most recommended reptile for a beginner. They have more personality than most of the others listed (although AFTs are good too), easier to hold than most, and very easy to keep.

    Crested and Gargoyle geckos are another recommendation of mine. They don't need UVB or heat (unless it gets below 65F on a regular basis). The food that is fed to them is actually just a complete powder that you mix with water. It's very easy to feed and you won't have to worry about insects escaping or even about additional supplements.

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    Leopard geckos are really easy and get super friendly. Most of mine walk right into my hand when I put my hand in their cages. They don't need any light, just an under tank heater to help with digestion.

    Crested geckos are really easy too and possibly easier to feed because you can give them crested gecko diet by repashy.

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    Lepord geckos are simple easy and cheep

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