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V asked in Arts & HumanitiesBooks & Authors · 8 years ago

Any good biographies or books about William H. Bonney?

I've recently become infatuated with anything about the famous outlaw "Billy the Kid" and who he really was rather than the image hollywood has painted for us. Yet I've found that there are barely any well written or historically accurate novels that does his story any justice so, being a writer myself, I've set it upon myself to write a YA novel about his life and who he was. I've already read several biographies about him(Pat Garrett's included which is utterly terrible) but I was curious if there are any other good books or biographies about him that anyone would recommend? I I've already done extensive research on him and the Lincoln country war but I was curious if anyone knew any other books about him that are fairly good.

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  • 8 years ago
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    You can google it,and go to wikipedia. Look in the footnotes, you'll find books.

  • 5 years ago

    Billy the youngster. William H. Bonney became yet another call used as became Henry Antrim, Henry McCarty or Patrick Henry McCarty. He became little regular throughout his life yet grew to develop into favorite as end results of the a biography by Sheriff Patrick Garrett referred to as The actual life of Billy, the youngster which failed to lose some thing interior the telling. He claimed to have killed 21 men or one for each 3 hundred and sixty 5 days of his life. Little is regular about McCarty's history yet he's theory to were born in long island city. His mom and father were of Irish descent, having likely fled the Irish Potato Famine, yet their excellent names, and for this reason McCarty's personal surname, at the prompt are not regular for particular. adjustments for his mom and father' names comprise: Catherine McCarty or Katherine McCarty Bonney for his mom and William Bonney or Patrick Henry McCarty for his father (who likely died around the end of the american Civil war). In 1868 his mom met William Antrim and, after quite a few years of hopscotching around the country with Henry and his 0.5-brother Joseph in tow, the couple married and settled in Silver city, New Mexico in 1873. Antrim stumbled on sporadic artwork as a bartender and chippie yet quickly grew to develop into more advantageous interested in prospecting for fortune than in his spouse and stepsons; regardless of this, youthful McCarty in certain situations observed himself by the surname 'Antrim'. Researcher and author Frederick Nolan who has written 2 books about Billy the youngster interior the Lincoln County war - A Documentary heritage (1992) and The West of Billy the youngster (1998) considers that Henry McCarty is his genuine call in spite of the actual shown actuality that Patrick Henry McCarty is likewise indexed somewhat. The Encyclopedia Britannica lists Henry McCarty as his genuine call. As an outlaw, it likely suitable his purposes to have countless aliases.

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