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Ever wondered why India's Sikh PM inked a US$ 4Bn defence deal with Russia?

Russia, where everything is falling apart - planes break in mid-air, tyres run off cars in full speed, cartwheels are seen on cars and nothing works.

No problem, India's Sikh PM and defence minister Antony have handed over the deal to them.


@Vishal: My dear Vishal, just because you are righteous, true and equal-minded does not mean that others are so, as well. There are wheels within wheels and grey areas - that are beyond the ken of "secular" minded, high-thinkers like you. I hope you are not taken by surprise someday. And if you are, I hope it is a pleasant one.

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    Russia has been a long standing and trusted defense partner of over 60 years, surely if quality was bad the deal would have gone to other nations.

    Besides Indian defense forces have a diversified portfolio having armories and aircrafts from France, the USA , Russia, Italy, Israel, and the UK.

    Being Sikh means nothing at all, in fact the lady with the remote is Sonia Gandhi and she is a Roman Catholic, the Defense Minister is a Protestant and the MEA is headed by a Muslim.

    AND we are a secular but Hindu majority nation.

    @Alistair, I am not saying that nothing fishy is involved, in fact those kind of things will never be known to public in general, I am saying that even if there is some "motivation" involved, it has nothing to do with religion.

    And if you ever visit India you will see that all the communal biasing and all is limited to poor and illiterate masses who are herded by those in power..that too happens rarely. Since the last 10 years things have changed completely, and Russia was in the past India's foremost supporter, so the outcome of the deal is not surprising, as India always believed in "non-alignment".

    Given the close Indo-US ties since the civilian Nuclear Deal, this is the first time when a big deal has been finalized with Russia(perhaps to stabilize Indo- Russian relations).

    For the close defense ties with russia google BrahMos and Bangladeshi War of Independence and see the contrasting attitudes of US (+ the Nato) and Russia.

    Source(s): Indian with a moderately good GK
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    When you are out shopping for goods you need, you will probably shop

    where you get the most for your money. America has been on a binge of buying

    Asian products for the past few years because they can produce the goods

    cheaper than we can.

    Government's want to get the most for their money also

    and maybe Russia offered them some good deals

    and maybe it just improves the trade possibilities between the two.

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