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How to install a second operating system?

I want to install Ubuntu on my computer which already runs Vista. I want to be able to run one and then reboot into the other (Dual boot?) I have two hard drives, one is empty and I want to install Linux on the empty hard drive. I've tried to google it but cant seem to find a clear text tutorial on how to do it, anyone got anything for me?

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  • David
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    7 years ago
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    Wubi is slow.

    Use the regular ubuntu iso and just install the process is guided, just pick the corect drive.

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  • 7 years ago

    two hard drives should make it easy. Leave vista on one and install Unbuntu on the other. I did that and had to partition my HD. One partition for vista and the other for ubuntu. Ubuntu was okay, but nothing exciting. But I did like some of the features it had.

    I used to have a CD with linux, but misplaced it a while back. too bad because I wanted to try it.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Download Ubuntu from the below link and burn the CD image to a disc:

    Or you can burn the same file to a pendrive by using the tool from below link:

    Then Turn on Vista and insert the CD or Pendrive. Open wubi.exe from the CD or Pendrive and use the 'install inside windows feature' or use 'demo or full installation' feature.

    Note: Make sure you don't forget to select your empty hard drive in the installation procedure.

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