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My boyfriend broke up with me. What should I do?

So, even though our relationship didn't last for long, I like him a lot. I still do. Everything he does is perfect. I cannot think of any negative things about him. He broke up with me over a facebook message, and after that, he told me to listen to "Bad" by The Cab.. Then the next day, he called me. He said that he and his friend were talking and she said that I was really pretty, but I seemed like a goody goody. He said he started thinking about it, and he agreed with her. I was not the type of girl to break the rules or whatever. He said that he still loved me, but he was just really confused. And now, today, he posted a picture on instagram saying that he knew that he hurt me, and he was really sorry. He said that half of him wanted to stay and half of him wanted to go. At least he was honest, and at least he apologized. He said that I was an amazing girl. I just dont know, I miss him really badly. My depression has worsened, too. PLEASE HELP. And, I'm only 13 btw..

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    Take a moment and breathe. Reevaluate your relationship with the guy. Just disconnect from the real life for a while. Listen to some good music, cry about it, watch a movie, read a book, just stay away from everything and everyone for at least 3 days. Pretend that it is a vacation, or that you are just taking a break.

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    This is a good song by the way, take some time and listen to it while you read the rest of my answer. It'll make you feel a lot better.

    I do recognize that it feels like the end of the world, and I am not afraid to say that sometimes it actually is. People might think that you are just stupid, or overreacting, but I know you are not. Doesn't matter what your age or gender is, breakups are always painful. I swear to God that all I wanted to do is go to your house right now and give you a strong hug, because I know how hard it is to be left alone by someone you consider important. I have already been through all this process at least 3 times. But what you need to understand is that the good things come and go, but the best things come and stay. You could just interpret this as a part of your growth. I know this is gonna sound a bit geeky, but what doesn't kill you gives you EXP (experience points :P). About the guy, he sounds like a cool dude, and he really seems to care about you, even though he broke up with you through FB. Trust me, it takes a man to break up at all, but is a whole different thing when you break up face to face with a girl. You look at her crying eyes and you feel like you never should leave her, even though you know you should. And it brings any man to the ground. Especially the sensitive type of lad like me.

    About your depression, all I can tell you for now is that it is OK to be sad. Actually, it is great to be sad sometimes. In the end, the best lyrics and the most beautiful melodies come out when you are moaning in pain, don't they? Just don't do anything that could possibly harm you. Stay away from cutting, stay away from pills, or anything that could risk your precious life.

    *A tight virtual hug*

    I wish you the best of luck, baby

    You will survive ;)

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    This guy isn't worth the time as someone as nice as your's time. He sounds like he's either playing games, is a player himself, or just buys into whatever his friends tell him... I would blow him off with a grain of salt, honestly. I'm kind of like you, what's the point of breaking the rules? And anyone who's against that, well, pity for them, if they want to grow up to be criminals, suit themselves. Take whatever steps necessary to get over this guy. And if him and his 'friend' that told him that you were a 'goody-goody' happen to get together... Laugh it off. Hope this helps, and good luck. ~♥

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