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So i want to learn more about the alaskan klee kai?

so thanks to some answers to my previous question i've realized i was maybe a bit naive when it came to the husky. but what about the alaskan klee kai?

im innovating and migrating to San Francisco by the end of the summer and this is me moving out of my paren's pad so i thought it would be absolutely amazing to a puppy/dog as company. I'm on sectionate so the living expenses aren't a problem... so im thinking about bringing a alaskan klee is small and im aware that its JUST as energetic as the husky just smaller. so is this an appropriate dog for living in an apartment?

please refrain from suggesting other dog breeds because ever sense i was a little boy it was an absolute dream of mine to have a dog with a resemblance of a wolf. i guess i want a more better knowledge and judgment call for this breed thanks in advance!

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    Klee Kai, just like their larger counter-part, are just as destructive as puppies and will not fully mature until around 3-4 years old. Its like caring for a teenager that is never allowed to go out when you are not around.

    I would highly suggest if you decided to get a Klee Kai that you take a lot of training classes and socialize the dog with people, kids, and pets as much as possible when they are puppies. They can be highly protective of their owner, space, and food (making better guard dogs than their larger counter-part).

    Also be prepared to pay for any damages the dog may do to the apartment, so you will definably need to put money asides for future repairs. You will also need to factor in that they eat a high protein diet, so you will need to pay for better/high-quality food. Klee Kais are also great escapee artists, be prepared for that. They also love to chase and run-run-run (and they are very fast!), so you must always have them on a leash when out and about to avoid them taking off to chase a squirrel.

    Also when they are young, they tend to suffer from separation anxiety, so you better live in a place that has sound proof walls. They are howlers. You should also prepare for possible medical conditions like thyroid disease which will cost you a dogs lifetime of medical care.

    Other than these negatives, they are highly intelligent dogs and can understand your mood by either how you stand, talk, walk, and move. My Klee Kai can pick up on a new trick after three tries and was fully potty trained in two days at 9 weeks old. They are much more affectionate compared to their larger counter-parts and have more of a desire to please you. And as long as you act like the leader, they will follow you like a pack and never leave your side. All they negative things I have been through with my Klee Kai does not even compare to all the great things she has brought into my life.

    If you feel like a puppy Klee Kai may be too much for you to handle, try contacting a breeder on possible dogs that they may be retiring soon. Many have been trained to behave and perform in shows, so the hard work of training has already been done.

    If you haven't already checked it out, I highly suggest visiting for more info and a list of breeders that are register with the association.

    With all this said, I would not recommend a Klee Kai to anyone if this is your first pet.

    Source(s): Own a 14 month old Klee Kai and two 7 year old toy Poodles.
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    I would say that a Klee Kai would be small enough to live in an apartment but the thing you would need to know about is that they are so much more energetic than a husky. I would know, I was a owner of a husky, a Klee Kai, and a Malamute. You would need to put in some research before getting a puppy. If you need any other information I would suggest going to this link...


    I hope this helped and good luck! :)

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    They're a good size if you're living in an apartment and will do just fine as long as you provide the exercise they need. They are very high energy as most spitz breeds are and can be very vocal like a siberian. One main difference they have to a sibe husky is they're more like a watch dog whereas the sibe will just be friends with anyone so lots of early socialization is needed. They're also just as smart so of course obedience training and constant stimulation with toys and such is needed to make sure he doesn't run the house down! Look for a good breeder and excellent temperament first in the puppies and parents. Ask for references from people who have gotten some of the puppies. There's also 3 sizes standard, miniature and toy so call and ask which ones a breeder has.

    Source(s): Personally own a sibereian husky, my friend owns a standard klee kai
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    Any breed that has a bunch of energy no matter the size shouldn't live in an apartment. Just try living with my jack Russell for a day.. lol they need a lot of room to run around inside and outside.

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    what's that ?

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