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How do I help make Ashley Judd a US senator? isn't she much better to look at than sour Mitch?

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    you could try packing ballot boxes like Obama did.

    But if you think Kentucky is going to elect an America hating liberal like Ashley Judd, The SAME Kentucky that elected Rand Paul, You are about to get taught what the term "asswhooping' really means!

    I'm not saying Mitch McConnell is the best choice. Far from it! If another young TEA Party guy Like Rand Paul comes along, He will be gone too.

    But Ahley Judd is going to be sent home crying. Seriously!

    Whether it is Dem or Rep, the party that holds the White house ALWAYS looses congressional seats in the mid-term,,,,,,,ALWAYS.

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    Well yes, but I would like her better because I know how she is going to vote on major issues! I hope she destroys *itch MCConnell

  • 8 years ago

    LEARN to be a GOOD Campaigner... Because She's gonna need ALL the "Help"- She can Get !! :)

    Source(s): " Vote for A.J. 2014 ". :)
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  • 8 years ago

    She's smarter too and not as evil.

  • remind me again, is it her lips on Obama's left butt cheek and yours on his right, or the other way around?

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