Do I need to take Physics to become an Animator?

Hi, I'm in a magnet program in my high school. A class that's mandatory for me to take is Physics. I will be taking this class in my 10th grade year (currently in 9th grade), but I'm freaking out, because in Chemistry I got a glimpse of it & almost failed that area. I'm not good in Physics. I know I will not pass the class with an A. Is it even necessary if I want to become an Animator?

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    7 years ago
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    Surprisingly, physics is pretty important for animation. Almost any animated app or website involves physics. It's probably the most important class for one to take (besides computer programming type classes) if they plan to do things involving animation.

    The "physics" you learn in chemistry really isn't stuff you need for introductory level physics, so don't stress about not understanding what you learned about in chemistry. Real physics classes are way different.

    Also, whether you think you'll do good in physics or do bad - you're right. So don't tell yourself you are going to do bad, because you will. Tell yourself you will do good, and you will. You might need to get some extra help from your teacher and stay after school occasionally, but you CAN get an A.

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  • 4 years ago

    Professional 3D Design Animation -

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