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Could I get into a good college like UCLA or Berkeley?

Hey guys, so right now I'm a freshman in highschool and my weighted GPA is a 4.28 and unweighted is a 3.9. I have the max amount of honors classes and just got one B+ in English Honors, an A in World Geo Honors, A in Bio, A in Alg 2/Trig, A in French, and A in Tennis. I have after school activities like tennis, and I have a rigorous orchestra program which is famous in our area. I have played piano for 8 years and have gotten a couple honorary mentions (I didn't win, but they gave me a prize and money for playing well). I have done art lessons for about 7 years and have entered into contests and gotten a few prizes for that as well. I'm a junior varsity player for our tennis team as well. I am really interested in becoming a doctor, so I really want to get into a good school. I have about 8 periods, and basically stay at school everyday till like 6 P.M. Am I good enough to get into a competitive school like UCLA or Berkeley? THANKS!

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  • 8 years ago
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    Sure, if you keep your grades up and take rigorous classes. The UC's use a special UC GPA, basically 10th and 11th GPA in a - g classes, with weighting on up to 8 semesters of approved AP/IB/Honors classes. (Legit AP/IB/Honors classes may not be approved due to the school not doing the paperwork, etc, so in your sophomore year check on your UC GPA.)

    UC freshman admission profile

    Click on a campus then Freshman admission profile to see stats. The GPA is probably the UC GPA.

    Have you done any community service? Since you want to be a doctor, see if you can volunteer at a local hospital, they'll have you do stuff like stock shelves, answer phones, help visitors, deliver stuff to patients, etc, depending on the hospital. Look on the website of your local hospital for info. If you're under a certain age they tend to have your parent come with you for the orientation class. Also, look into other medical related community service opportunities, like working for organizations that help people and things like Special Olympics.

    Colleges like long term extracurriculars, like being in music and art for years, being in a prominent orchestra will look good on your application. Have you entered Scholastic Arts & Writing? Look into it, you can work on pieces during the summer as I think in September the applications open. It's very respected so good for your college applications.

    Try to get some leadership positions, either in school clubs or maybe the tennis team.

    Use your summers wisely, study for the SAT even though you likely won't take it until the spring of your junior year, and the fall of your senior year. The UC's want to see all of your SAT test results, so it's best to wait until then to take it unless you're sure you'll score around 2000 or as high as you can. You'll typically score higher on practice tests than the real thing. has the official prep book, and an online course, I think it's $70 for a year of use.

    Ask your college counselor for ideas for summer programs, maybe something in the sciences or medicine, here are a few ideas in the LA area, there are similar programs all over.

    Children's Hospital

    Eugene and Ruth Roberts Summer Student Academy

    Volunteer positions

    If you are not a CA resident (high school in CA), then it will cost you $23,000 a school year more than a resident, for all 4 years, and your financial aid will be significantly less than if you attend college in your home state. Cost of attendance (tuition, fees, room & board, books, personal expenses, etc) would be about $55,000 for a non-resident, $32,000 for a resident for a school year, on a starving student budget. But many family qualify for financial aid, and if you are a CA resident it can cover much of your expenses.

    Good luck!

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    That doesn't really help you much. Playing the piano and knowing how to draw won't make them chose you over someone else(not trying to be mean)

    Doing a lot if extra activities and having leadership experience helps the most. Colleges tend to choose someone who is sociable and kind of smart over a genius looks like they're a weirdo.

    You also need to learn how to love READING. Every college, from mediocre to Harvard will ask you what you like to read. If you say something stupid, they will walk right out on you...not even a joke.

    AND RELAX, you're a FRESHMAN in HIGH SCHOOL...I'm a sophomore lol. But you may change your mind in the future.

    Being nominated for stuff also help as well, even if you don't go or win, they're helpful because it means someone had you in mind to win.

    Don't be a snob either, colleges don't like that...

    Hope this helped!

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