Mechanical Engineering?

I need help deciding on what I should study when I'm off to college... I know what I would ultimately like to do with my life, I'm just not sure under what exact subject area it would fall under.

Basically, I want to work in designing more efficient and affordable hybrid or electric automobiles, or perhaps even alternative fuels. I'm a junior in high school, and, well, being idealistic and young as I am, I want to make fuel efficient cars the standard.

Either way, I've always thought that to aim towards this profession, I should study mechanical engineering; however, there are so many new fields of study opening up every year that I can't help but wonder if there is any major that is more specific to what I want to work in.

Could anyone please help me figure this out?

If there is a more specific subject, could I maybe get any suggestions of universities that have this major?

Any help is greatly appreciated!!

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    Many areas of engineering are involved in vehicle design (dont forget trucks pollute worse than smaller vehicles)

    Mechanical, electronic & computer engineering are all needed Also used a lot are wind tunnels (fluid mechanics) though a lot of this is now done by software, aesthetics is also important, most people wont buy a really ugly car no matter how efficient it is (Volvo being the exception for many years - but even they are working hard to make nicer looking cars)

    look into NVH ( noise vibration & harshness)


    Composites design


    chemistry - (battery technology)

    Automotive engineering courses cover a bit of each of these (normally) & in the later years of the course hopefully you can find a subject of particular interest to concentrate on.

    Source(s): 40 years as a mechanical & electronic engineer with dirty hands (self employed, I design it, I build it, I program it, I install it, I instruct operator how to run it & I maintain it)
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