Can i take a break from engineering!?

I'm currently pursuing bachelor of engineering from mechanical branch. I'm from cg of India. This is my second semester. Though I'm studying BE but I'm mentally ill, i feel anxiety and depression all of time. I'm facing some problems in my life for many years. From childhood i wanted to be an engineer and it seems like I'll be. But this is life, no one can predict their future. Anything can happen at any movement. Current circumference and my past is interfering on life. I'm am a shy boy, i can call myself a coward. I can't talk to people even i don't have friends in college. I want to get rid of it but not completely because it is my attitude. I want to drop out my college for one year i want to get rid of my current class persons.

Now come to question. Should i take a break from college and make up my mind fresh? I want to take break after completing my 2nd semester. Is this possible to take break For one year after 2nd semester than join 3rd sem next year? If yes should i have to pay the one year fees even I'll not coming to college.

Please give detailed answers if possible. BTW my college is private and affiliated to csvtu.

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    Unless someone from the admissions office of your college answers this question, you cannot depend on the answer. Go to the admissions office and talk to them. There is a lot of anxiety and depression going around in young people all over the world.

    My advice is for you to decide what you want, no one can give you a better answer than you to that question. Get help with your mental illness issues from professionals. They won't fix themselves.

    Finally, no matter what you do, where you work, who you work with, you will find people who you just don't like. Remember, when you are working you just have to work with people, you don't have the be their best friends. I rarely socialized with anyone in engineering school when I went to school. I've socialized with very few coworkers in my career. I just have to work with them, even the difficult ones. You may be surprised and come across some who you want to associate and be friends with.

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    "should i have to pay the one year fees"

    although there may be some strange practices in India, I can't imagine a college in the States would require payment of fees for dropping out for a year. Obviously the place to ask is at the college - "I may need to drop out for a year, what do I need to do?" Besides reserving your "place", they would need to handle any housing you would not be using for the year but need a year later and would need to be able to contact you for the advance planning of specific schedule before your return.

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