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Does "ma' ( マ ) refer to an evil spirit, or any spirit? Does it mean "ghost"?


Wouldn't evil demon (or bad devil) be redundant?

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    No, It means like a demon or devil as Rice Cake said.

    But, Rice Cake's "Jama" is none of evil spirit even if that is namely 邪魔  ジャマ jya-ma.

    邪 jya (evil) ジャ

    魔 ma (demon/devil) マ

    Jama 邪魔 ジャマ means:

    an obstacle; an obstruction; a hindrance; an impediment; disturbance; trouble.

    So, jama is nothing to do with devils.


    on the other hand, the asker's "ma"マ is to be associating with "aku",

    demon or devil = 悪魔 アクマ aku-ma

    悪 aku (evil/bad) アク

    魔 ma (demon/devil) マ

    Japanese traditional ghost;


    Japanese traditional youkai ( near western devil)


    Source(s): A native Japanese.
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  • 7 years ago

    Ma in the term of this, in Kanji, Ma '魔', means the abbriviation of Aku-ma '悪魔'= demon. (or you could say 'an evil spilit'.

    It does not carry the meaning of 'ghost' as ghost is 'Obake' in Japanese, and it does not always mean an 'evil' thing.

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  • 7 years ago

    No, It means like a demon or someone who interrupts Bhuddist training, Usually paired with "Ja" as in "Jama"

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