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I have no clue what's wrong with my IG?

Okay so I deactivated my face book but my instagram has something on my feed page that says "find your Facebook friends" and I don't have a Facebook but I can't see my feed because it just says "find your Facebook friends" I have no clue what to do....

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    Congrats on closing your FB...I think more people should. It's not a very good thing.

    As for the "IG" banner:

    Is it just another annoying facebook banner maybe? Or is it because you deactivated your FB account and IG is still trying to connect with it?

    I see so many issues with IG it hardly seems worth messing with.....oh....and you're in the wrong category. This is math. Maybe you could try Computers and Internet. there may be a better place in there for your question. Good luck with it.

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