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Why did my cat catch a respiratory infection when she got all her shots?

So I was just wondering why my 11 month old cat caught a respiratory infection when she got all her shots? Ever since she was a kitten I gave her every shots on time and got every test done. She was healthy until I got a new cat from a shelter who did not have his shots but he seems healthy too. How do you think she got it? She was born in America but I recently moved to Japan 3 months ago and she just got sick recently.


can she be a carrier of that infection for the rest of her life?

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    Shots never stop a disease, they simply prevent it as much as possible, basically a shot contains a bit of the disease so your cat can build up an immunity to it. Your cat may have not built up enough immunity or he didnt get a shot for that type of RI. Since your cat would have passed it by now hes probably stronger so chances of him getting it again are slim. No, your cat will not carry it, she will for a while but then loose it. One of your cats infected the other, and it probably wont happen again.

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    There are different sorts of respiratory infections. Shots protect against certain ones. They don't make your cat invincible. A human infant can get all its shots on time but it can still get a cold.

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