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Is this a coincidence?

I have been thinking about this guy basically all day now. I was talking to a friend about him, and at the end of our conversation she said ” you got it” which is something I have never heard her say before, but the guy I was thinking of said it all the time. Later on during the day I flipped to a show where the main characters name was the same as the guy, then I watched a show where the credits were at the bottom, didn't pay any attention to them until I looked down a second before the guys name popped up. Is this all a coincidence or something else?

Also, this has nothing to do with the guy, but I looked at a song title on my radio, and I said ”nasty”, and the guy rapping starts his next line with ”nasty.”

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  • Mister
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    If you start to put faith into the Spirit within you, you might very well lose all belief in "coincidence." Please bear with me for a few moments.

    I dont know if you have ever taken the time to recognize the voice inside your head that occasionally pops up and gives you advice or not...I never recognized it up until 16 months ago or so...

    I decided to get away from the world for a while... I had read about Buddhism and I also read the Bible a few times (I'm not trying to convert you to any religion...I don't believe in churches or institutions...only giving sources for the following). A lot of what was talked about in Buddhism made a lot of sense to me, especially meditation...I didn't go in any particular stance for this "meditation"..i just allowed my mind to think where it chose to think in silent places away from distractions for some periods of time during the day..

    Since doing this, I stopped watching television for the most part, confining myself to reading mostly...but once a while I would hear a voice within my mind, and this voice would be something outside my control, giving me small messages. Sometimes this voice would simply say and repeat a name within my mind, or say and repeat a phrase which would mean nothing to me at the time..however, after a few days, this name or phrase would come to make perfect sense...

    For day I heard this voice come into my head and simply say the name "Jacobi"...I never met anyone in all my life by that name. This lasted for about a week, and once and a while I would hear that same name be repeated...One day I was reading and I felt the impulse to go and watch the end of a football game, and at the EXACT time I turned it on, the quarterback had just thrown a 70 yard touchdown pass to JACOBI Jones (Baltimore Ravens)...As soon as I saw this, i just shut off the television and went back to my room kind of just served as confirmation for me that God was letting me know I was still on my path..

    I also found that the more I spent time thinking within my mind and not talking with my mouth, I found so many periods of "coincidence" that I was completely sure there is no such thing. I spend a lot of time thinking, and whenever a person comes around to speak to me, I pay special attention to everythign they say, because sometimes it is like their Spirit is speaking out from them in order to give me a particular message as well to serve as confirmation...It is just something as simple as paying attention to your senses and what is going on around you...something spiritual...

    These things translate into dreams as well...for instance, one night I had a dream about dream catchers, and I woke up the next morning wondering about what the dream meant or of its significance. I just sort of dismissed it and went to the backporch to read. I heard my mom come upstairs talking on the phone with my dad, and overheard a part of her conversation which she remarked upon the type of boots or something or other that she was looking at on the internet, and the name or style of such a thing was called "dream-catchers"...

    I could go on all day recounting all the instances of "coincidence" over the past 16 months, but personally I have found far too many cases in too remarkable of fashion to believe in coincidence. I feel pretty sure that there are forces guiding us within or without us that are incapable of being seen most of the time by the human eye. This would make no sense to people who are living in a material world because they have no connection with the Spirit, but it does exist...the "life-force" within us is real, and it has nothing to do with the flesh.

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    Obviously it is coincidence. Don't listen to these awesome james bond secret agents who say "there is no thing such as coincidence". Thats just bulls**it.

    And you "noticed" your friend say that the first time and not that your friend really said it the first time because you have that guy in your head.......know what i mean?

    And the rap thing, it is nothing but coincidence unless u think the guy rapping could listen to u.....

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    No such difficulty! God has a plan and a purpose for each thing that occurs! we would in basic terms see one piece of the puzzle at a time, yet God is familiar with the great photograph and He can help us positioned our life puzzle together if we in basic terms permit Him help! (and while God does it, it constantly finally ends up turning out so plenty greater suited than we ever might have concept it would have if we did it on out very own!)

  • Naguru
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    7 years ago

    Yes. It is very clear and there appears to be no confusion in it. It is a coincidence/coincident. Or tell me where your specific confusion lies.

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  • 7 years ago

    There are no coincidences in life. Only good and bad omens.

  • James
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    7 years ago

    we all see what we want to see

    there are no such things as conincidences i'm affraid

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