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請教各位高手有關下列12年國教申論考題, 應以哪些英文字句回答較為適當?謝謝

With the 12 Year Eduaction Plan Policy that is to be implemented this year, describe the positive and negative impacts on teacher and students of such policy.

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  • King
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    7 years ago
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    Looking at the entire twelve-year compulsory basic education policy, the most widely-accepted measures are Tuition-Free.

    That this measure can relieve the burden of students and parents, making the education more universal.

    It can also indirectly ease the expansion of the gap between the rich and the poor.

    However, many projects such as Exam-Free Competition and Special Examination Admissions make the schools, students, parents and teachers all difficult to accept and respond, especially the former leads to quickly significant increase of the number of cram schools.

    In addition to the existing academic subjects, but also increased the number of new subjects, such as dance and PISA complement teach.

    This phenomena may be offset the benefits of free tuition, causing that people misunderstand the intention of the policy.







    Source(s): 十二年國教學生研討會 總負責人/教育部十二年國教諮詢會 專聘委員
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    6 years ago

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