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Ellen degeneres show?

Okay so I got a call from the Ellen show saying that we could go and that it starts at 2 and then I herd that we should be there early like at 7am idk what time I should go 7am seems kinda early. Any help please.?

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    You might find these comments from people who have been there and done that. -

    A few interesting comments ......

    I was so happy that we were able to take pictures with our camera phones before the show (you can ONLY take pictures when the hashtag is on the big screens). Before the show starts, all phones must be turned off (no vibrate) and your purse goes under your seat.

    Act a fool! Or just look like you're having fun :D. The cameras go around looking for people who are exciting and having a good time so if you're lucky, Ellen might just come dancing by you!

    Initially, I thought we were really fortunate to be seated in the front row right next to Tony who is Ellen's DJ, however it is impossible to see the guests because of all the roving cameras and the stage is so far away. There are big screens to watch, but I could do that at home. I think the middle sections are probably the best place to actually see anything, so if you are reading this and planning to go to a taping hopefully you can convince the usher to let you sit in the middle

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    That is awful early, I would arrive around 12pm. If you already gotten the tickets you shouldn't have to worry about seating's. Just be prepare to a long wait..Just a reminder."No cellphones are allow inside"..

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