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Why did the IOC cut wrestling from the Olympics?

What is the reasoning?

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    stupidity, they say it has low numbers but they show it at like 2 am or do not advertise it at all. they say it is not world wide but tell me what other sport aside from soccer and track and field is played around world at the elementary, middle school, high school , college and amateur level and produced more champions from different nations.Their has been medalist in wrestling from nearly every ethnicity on earth. The IOC felt they can make more money with golf as a Olympic event. Their is no way golf is played in more countries then wrestling do to weather and finances and their is no way golf would offer a possibility for 11 medals like wrestling has.

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    the call became per.. a million) international-huge "enjoying" of the rather is not any longer/has in no way been "performed" in super factors of the international. 2) destructive television rankings in any Olympic-video games. 3) Very destructive value ticket-sales in lots of Olympics (yet no longer London). Follows Softball etc.,

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  • Prof
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    1) not played "world-wide",just a few countries.

    2) very low ticket sales (the exception was London).

    3) very low numbers watching on TV,universally little interest.

    Source(s): Games Maker .Olympics 2012.
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    Politics, their reasons do not make sense when other "sports" have zero ticket sales and no t.v. audience.

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