Do I have a chance of getting pregnant?

My boyfriend and I had sex 3 times today, all at separate times, but we only used 2 condoms. He would pull out and we'd wait a little bit because I was in pain then we'd start again with the same condom. We might have waited 30 minutes after sex the first time and used the same condom. Could that get me pregnant? The condom was kind of dry and lost its latex slime stuff. He didn't finish or anything. Also, he put the condom on the wrong way before the first time we did it and then flipped it to the right way. Was that safe and could it get me pregnant even though he didn't finish? We're not looking to conceive. Also, for the first time he was about halfway/a quarter in without a condom for about a minute or 2 and then he put on a condom. And at one point we were in the shower not having sex but his penis was near my vagina, touching it but not inside. What could happen because of that?Thank you for any help.

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    8 years ago
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    Highly unlikely if he dint ejac.

    What do you mean by his erection was near your vag, but not in it in the shower? By 'vag" to you mean labia? If he was rubbing on you labia and dint ejac, I dont see any chance of preg.

    Just for safety sake, imo he should hold back his lube/pre-cumm as well as his ejac if he's in your vag or on the inside of your labia.

    Better than condoms are contraceptive vaginal films, foams & jellies. Many Wal-marts, etc, have em.

    Put them in the vag before intercourse and they "melt," covering the vag in contraceptive material that you cant feel.

    And pre-cumm rarely has semen in it.

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    Yes. Regardless, condoms are not 100% effective, and pre-ejaculate has sperm in it.

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    It really depends if you are ovulating are not. If your not ovulating then no I don't see it happening. If you was ovulating then yes you could have.

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