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About the airport in Bangkok, Phuket and Singapore.?

Im going in May on a 2-weeks long holiday to Phuket, Thailand. Patong Beach, to be exact. I have planned everything (budget, the flights, the hotel stayings, what transports to use, what to do while in Phuket... scuba diving, shooting range, cultural sights, what to eat and drink and what not to, losing my virginity to a thai girl ;P etc.)


There is one thing that drives me nuts.. One thing I cant wrap my head around. See, I have never been abroad alone. Last time I was at Tenerife with my parents at the age of 12. Now 10 years later Im going on this trip alone, go figure, so this airport stuff has got me losing sleep at nights and stuff. Making me panic about things you know. What do you do when you arrive to Bangkok Airport? Where to start? How can I get myself from there to the flight that continues to Phuket? How can I manage when I return and fly first to Singapore Airport and then continue from there to my home country's capital?

For this one, I need ALL the help I can get so PLEASE people, answer generously and clearly have no idea what Im doing so PLEASE be exact and really try to get this thing into my head. Im so out cold with this and I appreciate so much if you help! :) Thank you before hand!

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    The first thing I want to say is not to worry and just follow the signs posted at the air terminal. The signs and staff at the airport will make sure you don't miss your flight. I have been through a number of airports and the first time is always the hardest but follow the coward and read the signs.

    As for your case it's hard to say what is going to happen when you get to Bangkok without knowing your flight information. Both Bangkok and Phuket are international airports so it depends on your flight. Did you book your flight straight through to Phuket or did you make two reservations one to Bangkok and a different flight to Phuket? Well either way it simple. If you are book straight through to Phuket you will get off at Bangkok and go into the transit area and not go through immigrations or customs until your get to Phuket. Staff at the airport will help you in the transit area. If you have two different flights then you follow everyone and go through immigrations get your baggage, go through customs and go up to the 4th floor departure area and check in for your next flight. Bangkok is one terminal so you will have no problems. Again just follow the signs or ask a staff member.

    I know nothing about Singapore Airport but it should be the same as Bangkok, if you are booked through on your flight you just go into transit and wait for that flight to board. Very simple, just don't get uptight.

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    I won't tell you what you will encounter at those airports and whether or not you will have difficulties navigating through to your destinations. But I will tell you this from my own experience.

    Back in late 1980's when I was younger than you (I'm Thai equipped with fairly good English) I had to fly alone from Bangkok to Dallas airport and make a connecting flight to a Texan border city 2 days later without booking a hotel or knowing where to stay in Dallas. I landed at Dallas and told a staff at an Info/Service counter that I had no place to stay for 2 days before flying to another city. The staff made a few phone calls and later an American lady came to pick me up and let me stay at her home for free before seeing me off at Dallas airport 2 days later. I landed at my city destination safe and sound.

    Think of it as an adventure and you will likely have fun and gain much more no matter what will happen. I assume you're an Austrailan. You definitely can do much better than I did when so mamny things were outdated. Use your common sense and superior English skills.

    Good Luck

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    If you will fly into and out of Tenerife, you have already proven your courage.

    If you do not already have a Thai visa, you get a 30 day free one upon arival. Follow signs in airport.

    If you are just passing thru BKK airport onto Phuket, check with your air carrier desk... the plane you are flying on; they will direct you clearly. Same on return... relax.

    But, as you are staying over in Thailand, you need a hotel in BKK for arrival stay. You can change later. I have successfully stayed in Nana district at the Landmark Hotel (pricy) and Dynasty Hotel around the corner ($30). Get in the taxi qu or pay a little more for a "limo" Benz. Tell them the district, not the hotel, until you get into the district and then say hotel name to avoid taxi trying to charge more. There is a fixed taxi rate get in the line for taxi on curb at airport.

    For beginner customers, Thai girls are best obtained in Soi Cowboy bar, not Nana. These are basically good girls who are honest and want to do a great job for you and will be straight with you about costs. Chat the girl and soon tell if you want that one... then leave all the rest up to her, travel, hotel or your hotel, etc etc. If she does not have a condom, run immediately, but that is just a test because the bar girls are tested for STDs etc often and fired if sick. These Thai girls are so sweet and helpful, so relax and enjoy.

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    Aunque no tan conocida Phuket, la capital de Tailandia sin duda una ciudad para las holganza y para descubrirlo entonces debes principiar por reservar y preparar todo para el viaje aquí . Con solo dos estaciones al año, la temporada verde (de mayo a octubre) y la época cálida (de noviembre a abril), Phuket es la ciudad perfecta para pasar unos ocio calorosas en cualquier época del año. Una de las cosas más importante de ver en esta ciudad es Laem Phromthep porque desde aquí tomaras las mejores fotos con puesta del sol. Seguro que Phuket hará a cualquiera disfrutar de sus asueto aquí y volverán para tomar un poquito más de sol en este ciudad repleto de calor.

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