Does the Theory of Evolution destroy Christianity?

Evolution is a fact, so Adam and Eve werent created. If Adam and Eve weren't created then there was no original sin, and no original sin = no need for Jesus to die on the cross = christianity's whole purpose/ main story falls apart. Is this why there is so much hostility from religious institutions towards evolution?

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    The evidence for evolution is and has been interpreted from a Philosophical and ideological Bias, The answers given by adherents to Evolution here in R&S is proof of the bias and agenda, Atheism has to have an alternate explanation—other than a Creator—for how the universe and life came into existence.

    Darwin once identified himself as a Christian but as a result of some tragedies that took place in his life, he later renounced the Christian faith and the existence of God. Evolution was invented by an atheist.

    What is sad is that Christians are falling into this Trap and trying to fit evolution into the Bible (Theistic Evolution) thinking they can make it fit.

    Lee Stroble in his video listed below “ The Case for the Creator” stated (5 min. 28 sec into the video) The Case for a Creator

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    That “There is no way you can Harmonize Neo Darwinism with Christianity, I could never understand Christians who would say “ Well I believe in God yet I believe in Evolution as well” You see Darwin’s idea about the development of life led to his theory that modern science now generally defines as an undirected process completely devoid of any purpose or plan,”. Now how could God direct an undirected process? How could God have purpose in a plan behind a system that has no plan and no purpose? It just does not make sense.

    It didn’t make sense to me in 1966 and it doesn’t make sense to me now.

    The Apostle Paul wrote to His Son Timothy stating that “ in 2 Timothy 4:3-4 “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, [because] they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers; and they will turn [their] ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables.”

    Those Christians who believe in evolution have no idea how that effects their theology.

    What is theistic evolution?

    How do beliefs about creation impact the rest of theology?

    Eternity is a Long Time to be wrong about this

    Darwin's Deadly Legacy (1 of 7)

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    Creation In The 21st Century - Planet Earth Is Special 1 of 3

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    Creation in the 21st Century - The Evidence Disputes Darwin 1 of 3

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    Creation in the 21st Century - The Evidence Disputes Darwin 2 of 3

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    Some modern scientists who have accepted the biblical account of creation

    More than 600 Scientist with PHD’s who have Signed A SCIENTIFIC DISSENT FROM DARWINISM

    “We are skeptical of claims for the ability of random mutation and natural selection to account for the complexity of life.

    Careful examination of the evidence for Darwinian theory should be encouraged.”

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  • 7 years ago

    People do take things too literally . The bible states that Adam and Eve were created from dust, which is based on the fact that all living things do turn into it when we are gone, so this might have been do to this observation. As for the original sin, instead of be so stuck on this idea, think of it as a lesson, which it is and who's to say that God, as an all knowledge being, didn't use evolution as a mean to an end . There's no statement to the contrary in the bible, and do to the fact that we share several chromosomes of DNA with other creatures, we can not dismiss Darwin, after all, God himself gave knowledge to men. The problem many times has being a theological, we tent to mix God with religion too much, when in fact religion is the interpretation by men of the God's laws. Ask yourself about the time Galileo stated that Earth revolved around the sun. what happen then, he was scolded severely by the church and he turn out to be right. Issac Newton have no problem with God and science complimenting each other and many religious monks started the spark of science and were punished ( with no reason ) for it. Some parts of the bible are metaphorical, some prophetic, some scientific by all means a brilliant book conceive by God for the betterment of mankind, is men whose conceit on the notion that they hold absolute truth that have twisted and molded the Word to their gain. The wise knows, that he knows nothing

    Galileo stated that the Earth move around the Sun and we all know what happen to him and to this day we've people that still believe the world is flat , so don't be surprise if anyone refutes evolution, its nothing news

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  • 7 years ago

    Many theologians have based the concept of original sin on a story which has always been internally inconsistent and is now very clearly inconsistent with fact.

    Some theologians may have justified that concept in some other way and some may have abandoned it. However the broader concept of sin is an invented disease which may be cured by believing what you are told to believe and doing what you are told to do. If you have the time, look up "Lurgi Strikes Britain" a BBC Goon Show from 1954 where a couple of con men profit by inventing a non-existent disease called "lurgi" that can only be cured by playing in a brass band. Naturally the con men have musical instruments form sale.

    The entire business shows the poverty of theology..

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  • 7 years ago

    Hello there.

    First I want to ask you, how do you know for a fact that evolution is real? Now you might ask me how do I know that Christ existed? Well I know by faith. Faith is the belief in something that you have not seen yet. However, faith is enhanced through discoveries, testimonies, and the Word of God. There have been discoveries that prove the existence of Christianity. I have witnessed things that you may not believe...but these things are supernatural things. And most importantly, the Word of God shows that Christianity is true. There are many prophecies in the Bible that have come to pass - showing that the Christianity is true.

    Do not be conformed to this world. This is a deceitful world. You cannot depend solely on humans. What if Christianity is real? What if you wasted all your life believing in evolution - an idea that is still has loopholes? Both of us know how unreliable some humans can be. So, are you willing to place ALL of your trust on a human-discovery that you yourself don't even know all of the information about? This is the difference between Heaven and think carefully and honestly.

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  • 7 years ago

    Well most Christians do believe in evolution. The Bible also says the Earth doesn't move, and when it was first discovered that the Earth orbits the Sun many Christians refused to believe that we're merely a rock orbiting a star like thousands of others. Religion ‘adapts’ to when science contradicts their beliefs.

    @brad h - Find out what the term scientific theory means.

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  • 7 years ago

    So which of the competing theories of evolution is the one that is a fact/

    Is it Darwinism, which teaches that evolution happened in small steps over many generations in which traits that already existed where weeded out of the animal population? Only those who have the "best" traits survived?

    Is it Neo-Darwinism which teaches that evolution happened in larger jumps at different times in history?

    Is it the Cataclysmic theory that teaches that major steps in evolution happened where there were major changes in the nature of the earth, such as the extinction of dinosaurs becasue of a meteor?

    Is it the Radiation theory that teaches that major steps in evolution happened at different times in history because of changes in solar radiation (sun spot cycles, etc) that caused mutations in the different animals?

    Is it Hawkins theory that life was seeded on earth and pre-programmed by aliens to produce the different species and humans?

    The different theories contradict each other, and are often mutually exclusive of each other. With so many competing theories (and I have not listed the majority of them), how can evolution be considered a "fact"?

    That is why they call it a "theory". It is still only the best guess that science has, and they are trying to find support for it.

    In the meantime, not a thing they have found contradictions the clear teachings of the Bible that the universe is the act of a loving and just Creator. At most, it night give us some clues as to one of the processes he used to create the different species. But nothing in it destroys the Christian religion. Nor does anything in it answer the bigger question about mankind.

    Where did life itself come from? Evolution offers no answer to that question. The best it might be able to do is demonstrate that after life began, it was able to adapt to its environment, something a smart God would have build into his creation.

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  • 7 years ago

    Of course. This is why Christians who are not willing to see their religion as something figurative, react emotionally and negatively to the theory of evolution. This logic was described to me, exactly as you lay it out, by Kurt Wise. But, given that he takes the Bible as the literal word of the hypothetical god, that he is imagining, he must discard the theory, even though he is well trained in the science it is based upon. He is smart enough to realize that his religious beliefs and evolution are mutually exclusive.



    John Popelish

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    no it does not adam and eve could of been monkeys or fish or whatever it is know im not saying I know what happened back then 4sure but if anybody talks to me condescendingly then ill be hostile in return. I believe the bibles been tampered with but ive felt the holly spirit I know for a fact that theres something else out there something that answers my prayers and its not black and white like many would say. I cant make you feel spiritual things and don't blame you for your conclusion but I believe its false from my personal experience and if anybody thinks they can talk down to me over my beliefs there wrong as im a mma fighter and beat ppl up for this. not that im accusing you of that

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  • Fitz
    Lv 7
    7 years ago

    Depends on whether one sees Genesis as literal, or metaphor.

    However if it's a metaphor, then what exactly is the whole religion about? Adam and Eve sinned because god didn't give them the ability to tell right from wrong, and mankind was horribly punished. The only thing that could chill god out over the whole thing was the human sacrifice of his own son. So if Genesis is metaphor, then what was mankind punished over? And why did god require the blood of his son to forgive something that never happened?

    The whole thing is pretty mush senseless

    Source(s): Atheist @Johan: The theory of gravity is not factual? Hmph, good thing you were around, I was starting to think gravity was real. @Hope Is A Certainty: "I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things." You don't need to blame someone for something they openly admit.
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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    The teaching of macroevolution rests on three main assumptions:

    1. Mutations provide the raw materials needed to create new species.*

    2. Natural selection leads to the production of new species.

    3. The fossil record documents macroevolutionary changes in plants and animals.

    Is the evidence for macroevolution so strong that it should be considered a fact?

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  • Relief
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    7 years ago

    What if evolution did happen, and Adam & Eve didn't look like modern humans?

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